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Career Employment

Take Advantage of UEI’s Job Placement Assistance

Once you’ve prepared for the workplace, benefit from our job placement assistance and the dynamic relationships we’ve built with local employers who’ve hired our graduates.

At UEI, we want our students to begin their education with us having their end goal in mind. We ask, “When you graduate, what kind of employment or employer will you seek to build your career?”

Putting your carefully prepared skills to work in a job you love, and can excel in doing, is the point of our training programs. That’s why as you graduate and begin your job search, UEI supports you with job placement assistance.

Even more, at UEI, we take pride in introducing you to area employers who have successfully hired our graduates and communicate with us about open positions that may fit their hiring criteria and the needs of our graduating classes. We consider our growing career employer partnerships one of the most powerful benefits we can offer our students at UEI.

When you consider your career goals, count on UEI’s education-to-career network.   

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