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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Partner with UEI in Your Employment Search

Students who enroll in and complete one of UEI’s career education programs can benefit from our commitment to assist you in finding employment. We take pride in cultivating working relationships with many area employers, who have found success in hiring our graduates.

“UEI students are motivated, have positive attitudes and are team players. We recently hired two graduates from UEI & they are great.”

First Coastal Billing Group, Inc.

“The training they received gave them the preparation and confidence to work in the real world.”

Off the Chain Enterprises, Inc.

“UEI students are an asset to our organization. The education they receive is current and applicable in today’s workforce.”

Duval County Health Department

“They try their best, come prepared and have the right attitude. They pick up the necessary skills to become successful in their careers.”

Avenues Dental Center

“Your support with students/interns throughout the years has contributed to the success of our clinics, but more importantly, it has impacted the lives of those who depend on our services.”

Gateway Pediatrics & Family Care Group

 “UEI College graduates make up 99% of our staff. Do we need to say more?”

Tooth Fairy Dental Group

“The customer service provided by UEI College’s placement representatives has been excellent.”

Imperial Beach Health Center

“We partnered with UEI College, and they have helped us fill our urgent positions by sending reliable and skilled medical staff. UEI College has been a great resource to us, and we will continue to call on them.”

Angel’s Medical Staffing

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