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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

We prepare students for employment by providing industry-relevant education and training within a positive, supportive and caring environment.

Our Objectives

  • One Standard of Excellence: Provide an industry-related educational and training environment that offers graduate preparedness for entry into their career field.
  • Student Success: Offer every student an opportunity to succeed by providing support at every stage of their experience—from admission process to educational experience to post graduate experience with career services.
  • Teamwork: Demonstrate the benefits of excellent employee teamwork in a business/educational setting as part of a student’s educational experience.
  • Respect: Demonstrate collegiality and mutual respect among colleagues and students.
  • Integrity: Comply with all external and internal laws, regulations, and policies governing the institution and in dealing with colleagues and students.
  • Customer Service: Provide students with high quality customer service as an example of its value in achieving career goals.
  • Changing Lives: Create an organizational culture and community for students and colleagues that empowers them with the opportunity to transform their lives for a better future and to become the best versions of themselves.

How can UEI support your goals?

UEI believes in who you are. We believe that each of our students has talent and the potential for learning how to best use it, professionally and personally. We appreciate the distinct strengths of every individual, while embracing the advantages of diversity within our community. Helping you learn and grow toward the career that’s right for you is our goal.  

UEI understands what you need to learn. We are here to provide efficient, practical, individualized instruction that empowers each of our students to put their abilities to work in their lives. By learning from you, we strive to constantly improve the effectiveness of our career education programs. At UEI, student success is our success.

UEI knows how to put education within your reach. Our values come to life in our student-centered learning environment. We welcome the background and experiences our students bring to the classroom, and we aspire to overcome challenges through innovation. Here are some of the ways UEI makes an education convenient for you:

  • Convenient class times to fit your schedule
  • Interactive learning with your peers
  • Mentoring by qualified instructors
  • Hands-on practice, tutoring and externships

Our goal is to make it possible for you to successfully train for a career in a high-demand field. Make our educational opportunities your pathway to a satisfying career destination. At UEI, we pledge to support you at every step.

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