Dressing for Professional Success in an Office - Why What You Wear Matters

    • DressingforProfessionalSuccessinanOffice-WhyWhatYouWearMatters
    February 13, 2020

    “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

    “Always put your best foot forward.”

    “Dress for Success.”


    We’ve all heard these clichés about the importance of looking professional and put together for our careers. But here’s the thing: there is a reason that you hear these tired old phrases all the time: they are true.


    As you start on the path to your new career in Business Office Administration, remember that you make a visual impression from the moment you step into an office. Carefully consider the message you want to send about yourself, who you are and your goals at that office. Respect from others and your own self-confidence all begin with the way you present yourself. 

    The Interview

    When you interview for potential office jobs, you take more than your great resume and your impressive skill set learned at UEI College with you. You are also giving the interviewer—possibly your new boss—a first look at how you present yourself, communicating how seriously you take the interview and the respect you have for them. Your resume and experience mean a lot, but the professional impression you make is priceless.


    Dress Code

    Many professional offices have official employee dress codes in place. If you don’t know the company’s dress code, consider asking your interviewer, your new boss, or another employee. Your best bet is to choose a business professional” style until you know for sure what the requirements are in your new office. You never know when you will need to meet with potential clients or others from outside the company, and you want to help these people have a positive image of the company.



    Studies have consistently shown that how you dress determines how people treat you—and they make that judgment in as few as the first seven seconds after meeting you! Humans are visual creatures, so it’s important that you “dress to respect” by looking professional and polished, encouraging others to trust you and your work. People who project the image that they take their work seriously through professional dress and behavior are also more likely to make more money, and to receive promotions.



    Dressing well boosts your confidence, reflecting the image you want to project. It can increase your self-esteem, reinforcing the positive skills and qualities that others see from you. You may feel more in-charge, trustworthy, or capable when you are “putting your best foot forward.”


    Bottom Line

    Make sure you look your best every day for your job as a business administration professional. Consider what the clothes you wear and the way you groom yourself tell others. Do you want them to take you seriously? To see you as part of the professional or executive team? Should they trust you?


    A few more things to remember about dressing for work in a business office:

    • It’s always better to be overdressed than under-dressed
    • Dress slightly better for a job interview than you would as an employee
    • The way you dress tells others a lot about you, consciously and unconsciously
    • Dress for the job you want, not the job you have


    And one more cliché, “Fake it till you make it!” If you want to be the boss someday, make sure that everything about you tells others that you would be a great fit in that role.



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