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Career Opportunities for Those in the Medical Field

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If you're interested in exploring careers in the medical field, there are a number of paths you might be interested in learning about. There is far more to the industry than just doctors and nurses. For example, medical assistants, coders, and insurance claims examiners all need sound knowledge of the health sector in order to ensure the smooth running of a hospital or clinic. From medical office assistants to a medical coding specialist, the following medical jobs are all possibilities with a relevant higher education degree.

Career Opportunities for Those with a Medical Billing & Coding Certificate

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Careers for those with a medical billing and coding certificate can span between busy doctors’ offices, government agencies, and even home-based businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook for the medical industry is extremely positive, with job opportunities in the medical billing and coding field set to rise by 15 percent before 2024. In terms of salary prospects, a medical biller and coder can expect to receive a median yearly wage of $37,110, depending on the chosen career setting. Here are some of the most common areas for medical billers and coders.

Childcare Facilities Near UEI’s Stockton Campus

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Vocational and trade schools offer various programs that are a great fit for people who want to get their education quickly and get right to work. This educational path often appeals to parents of young children, because the course of study is so flexible and with so many options. For those students who have children, finding childcare can be hard enough, but finding a facility close to school that can work with their schedule can prove much more difficult. Here we’ll take a look at some childcare facilities and preschools near UEI’s Stockton Campus.

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Certified Medical Assistant

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Medical assistants are a valuable asset to any medical practice or clinic. The job involves a wide range of important tasks, such as taking patient's histories, collecting medical data, and communicating with both patients and doctors. If you're considering a career as a medical assistant, there are a number of things to take into consideration, such as salary, certification, and job prospects. Here’s everything you need to know.