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Tips and Advice for a Stellar Cover Letter

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There‘s no doubt about it: today's job market is tough. With every job vacancy there are dozens (if not hundreds) of applicants, all competing for an interview. In order to stand out and get noticed, it‘s critical that you know how to write a cover letter that‘s unique and attention-grabbing. Here are some cover letter tips that will improve your chances of getting the interview.

Five Pieces of Advice for Adults Returning to College

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At UEI, we believe it’s never too late to go back to school. If you set foot in our classrooms, you’ll soon realize we welcome students of all ages into our student body, from recent high school graduates to older adults returning to college for the second or third time. Whether you’re going back to school at 30, or are somewhere in your 40s or 50s, going back to college as an adult can be intimidating. If you’re among the many older adults returning to college later in life, you’re not alone, and you’re not without support. From finding the right program to getting enough rest, here are five helpful tips that’ll help make the transition back into student life a little bit easier.

Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

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In such a competitive job market, receiving an employment offer is an exciting prospect. It may be super exciting, but don’t sell yourself short by failing to be well-informed about what the employment offer, position, and company are really all about. Whether it’s a lack of knowledge, lack of experience, or a fear of coming across as greedy and unappreciative, not asking questions is something we’ve all been guilty of at one point or another. From inquiries into the typical day-to-day of someone in your position to information about salary and benefits, here are some questions to ask an employer before accepting a job offer.

Going Back to College as an Adult: Myths vs. Reality

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Now that the kids are out of the house, you have a little more time to assess your career and really think about what you want from your profession. You have your eye on a great promotion or even a whole new field, but you need a degree to get it. So, you’re thinking of going back to college as an adult. The idea of finally getting that degree you’ve wanted is really exciting, but there’s a lot that seems intimidating. Will everyone in your class be 20? Will you have to be on campus all day, every day? Can you afford it? How on earth are you supposed to do homework again!?