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The Book That Truly Shows Culture Does Indeed Eat Strategy for Lunch!

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IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Fardad Fateri and James E. York of International Education Corporation (IEC) have released a new book, available through various retail outlets worldwide.

Dental Assistant Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

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Those who have just completed a dental assistant program often wonder, ‘how do I prepare for a dental assistant interview?” Here are some tips to help.

Q & A: Interview with Sonia Maldonado, West Covina Dental Assistant Instructor

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Sonia is a UEI College Dental Assistant instructor and has been a valued member of UEI College since 2009. She completed the Dental Assistance program, and after working in the field for some time, she grew a passion for teaching.

Q & A: Interview with James McHugh, San Marcos Student Finance Advisor

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The face to face interaction with students. I came from the online University environment with a much larger student population and it was very easy to lose track of students over time. Stopping in the hallways to check in with a student on how their children are doing, whether a parent is getting better after an illness or any other number of things going on in their lives creates a great deal of meaning in my day.