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Q & A: Interview with Joe Bartolome, Chula Vista Campus President

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I started with UEI on January 2, 2008, as the Executive Director of the San Diego campus. It's been a little over 10 years but time flies when you're having fun! After my first year, I was promoted to Campus President and have had the good fortune to experience operations with several IEC Campuses.

West Covina Welcomes New Career Training Resource

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UEI College, national provider of career training, opened a new campus in West Covina, Calif., located at 339 N. Azusa Ave. The campus was relocated from its previous location in El Monte, Calif., to provide students with more space and amenities, as well as improved access to public transportation.

Can Speaking Two Languages Increase Your Job Prospects?

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If you’ve ever considered learning another language, you may never have wondered how this could benefit your employability. Here are some of the ways bilingualism has an impact at work.

Six Skills to Learn Before Graduation

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From learning how to communicate to knowing how to manage stress, here are six important skills to master before graduation.