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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Training Programs vs. Community College

  • WeighingtheMeritsofTrainingProgramsvsCommunityCollege-UEICollege

Education is not one-size-fits-all, attending a vocational training program at UEI College has advantages vs attending a community college. Learn more about the pros and cons of attending a vocational training school like UEI College.

UEI College in Bakersfield, California Receives Community Recognition

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UEI College Bakersfield’s Medical Assistant program received The Beverly Newman Volunteer of the Year Award for 2018 for their participation in the Take-Away Tattoo Program, which was presented by Mayor Karen Goh. The students who helped earn this award dedicated their time and learned skills to make this program a success and the faculty and instructors at UEI College could not be prouder.

Why Customer Service is Key Function for Medical Assistants

  • WhyCustomerServiceisKeyFunctionforMedicalAssistantsUEICollege

When you think about your role as a medical assistant, you may not think about customer service first. In fact, you may think about administering vaccines and taking a patient’s vital signs. While these are some functions of a medical assistant, one of the key roles of this title is customer service.

15 Tips to Help You Study

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It’s been proven that students who have solid study habits not only ace their tests, but they’re most likely to succeed in their jobs after graduation. However, carving out the time, place, and ideal study strategy can be a bit difficult for people who have other commitments and a lot going on in their personal life.