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UEI College Chula Vista is on the Move!

  • UEICollegeChulaVistaLaunchesAutomotiveTechnicianTrainingProgram

After 20 years at its current location, UEI College is moving down the street to a new campus located at 1261 Third Ave, Suite A. Programs at the vocational school are hands-on and immersive, so students at the new Chula Vista location will appreciate the additional practice space for UEI’s career training programs, including the addition of their new Automotive Technician training program.

The Top 6 Tips for Medical Professionals on How to Survive the “Night Shift”

  • 6TipsforMedicalAssistantsonHowToSurviveNightShifts-UEICollege

Surviving the night shift in the healthcare industry can be tough, but also very rewarding. We share some tips for medical professionals about how to stay awake when the rest of the world is sleeping.

The Hidden World of Medical Coders and Billers

  • TheHiddenWorldOfMedicalBillingandInsuranceCoding-UEICollege

Medical coders and billers are an important part of the medical treatment and care that patients receive. UEI College offers a program to help train people for this lucrative career.

Where Can Your Dental Assistant Career Take You?

  • WhereCanYourDentalAssistantCareerTakeYou-UEICollege

UEI College offers a Dental Assistant program that allows students to get the diploma needed to jumpstart a career in the dental field.