Top Reasons Why Becoming an Auto Tech is a Good Career Choice


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Becoming an automotive technician is a good career option for anyone who loves working with cars and has a passion for making motors run. BLS estimates there are currently more than 700,000 Automotive Service Technician jobs in the US, and the number is expected to grow over the next 10 years!


With millions of cars on the road and more being produced every day, good automotive technicians and auto mechanics who can diagnose and solve issues with the vehicle are sure to be in demand. Good automotive training will help prepare you for this career for years to come. If you love to work with your hands and have a passion for vehicles, then being an automotive technician would be a good career for you.


If you're interested in becoming an Automotive Technician or Auto Mechanic, you should consider enrolling in UEI College's Automotive Technician Program. Our short-term program can be completed in as few as 10 months, allowing students to earn an Automotive Technician Diploma in a short period of time.

Is Becoming an Automotive Technician a Good Career Choice?

Auto technicians are trained to diagnose problems with a vehicle and also to fix those problems using tools and computerized equipment. This career provides the opportunity to work independently and feel better by helping people with maintaining, troubleshooting, and fixing automotive problems that clients may have. This page will provide you with various reasons why you should pursue a career as an automotive technician.


Automotive Technicians Work Independently.

When most people picture automotive technicians, they may picture a shop full of loud music and mechanics working in close proximity. While this may be the case at some shops and may be preferable to newer technicians, there are many options available. Even in a crowded shop, most technicians work on each job independently, without having to depend on others. With experience, you may decide to open your own business or become a mobile technician, servicing vehicles on the road.


Automotive Technicians Solve Problems.

Vehicles are complex machines powered by gas, electricity, and technology. When something isn’t functioning properly, it’s up to a technician to diagnose the issue and offer a solution. If you love solving problems, you’ll never be bored as an automotive technician.


Rewarding Career.

Not every job allows for clear solutions to problems, but as an automotive technician, you can identify a problem and fix it quickly. Seeing that progress is gratifying and makes the job rewarding.


Automotive Technicians Help People.

Millions of people own vehicles, but only a small percentage know how to fix them if they break down or require maintenance. Many people struggle with basic car maintenance! At the same time, we all depend on our vehicles to get around. Automotive technicians may also receive specialized training to work on commercial vehicles and tractors, marine equipment, buses, motorcycles, and more. Automotive technicians have unique skills and knowledge that most people lack, and they provide a valuable service to vehicle owners.


Now that we've covered the advantages of becoming an automotive technician or mechanic, let's explore some of the cons or disadvantages of this career.


Cons to Becoming an Automotive Technician


Physically demanding.

Technicians are often crawling under vehicles, lifting heavy equipment, or bending in strange positions to reach the components that need servicing. Remaining physically active and stretching often is important in this position.



Automotive technicians are the ones who diagnose and also solve problems with a vehicle. You may be liable if you do not properly fix or maintain a vehicle. It’s important to pay attention during training and reflect on that knowledge often to do the job right the first time. The good news is this career is one that allows for some trial and error. Rarely is a mistake unfixable.

Automotive Technician vs Mechanic

Often the terms automotive technician and automotive mechanic are used interchangeably, but they are not the same.


Automotive mechanics work with their hands to fix mechanical issues within a vehicle. They can perform maintenance and replace parts as needed.


Automotive technicians have more training that allows them to diagnose electrical and technological issues, as well as fix the mechanical parts of a vehicle. As more technology is built into vehicles, the skills of a technician are increasingly valuable. They use specialized equipment to read the error codes a vehicle presents and then work with their hands to take a look at the system and solve the problem.


There is plenty of overlap in the duties and responsibilities of automotive technicians and mechanics. Both are qualified to track routine maintenance needs and perform repairs as needed.

How to Become an Automotive Technician?

Becoming an automotive technician does not need to take years. If you are interested in beginning a career in this field, you can do so by following just three simple steps:


  • Obtain your high school diploma. A high school diploma is the minimum education requirement for most automotive technician positions. If you do not have a high school diploma yet, you do not need to let that stop you from moving forward! At UEI College, we can assist with obtaining your high school diploma while you are completing your career training.


  • Begin Training. Potential employers want to know you have the skills necessary to do the job. Not many are interested in teaching on the job. The best way to prove your ability is with a degree from an automotive training program. The Automotive Technician Program at UEI College can be completed in as few as ten months.


  • Apply for positions. Once you have completed the automotive tech program, you can begin applying for entry-level positions in the field.


For more tips and tricks about getting started in the automotive industry, visit our Automotive Technician Guide, which will provide you with everything that you need to know about how to become an automotive technician at UEI College

Should You Become an Automotive Technician?

If you enjoy working on cars, learning new skills every day, helping people, and love working on cars, then a career as an automotive technician may be the right move for you. Becoming an automotive technician is a great choice for anyone who enjoys working with their hands and who wants to transition into a new career field quickly. Automotive technicians work in a fast-paced environment, solving problems and providing an important service.


Automotive technicians don’t have to work in one shop for their entire careers. You may start out at a small shop or dealership and discover different specialties that you have a passion for or even decide to work as an independent contractor. The ability to change up your work environment provides plenty of opportunities for great job satisfaction.

Enroll in UEI College's Auto Technician Program

UEI College offers all the support and resources necessary to begin a new career in the automotive industry in as few as ten months. No matter what has held you back in the past, give us a call today to see how we can help!

  • You can earn your high school diploma while you earn your automotive technician diploma.
  • Financial aid is available to those who qualify.
  • Classes are offered during the morning or evening, with in-person classes only twice per week.


If you are serious about a career in the automotive industry, give us a call today to see how we can help you achieve that dream! Our Auto Mechanic Program is short-term, meaning you can earn an Automotive Technician Diploma in as little as 10 Months!