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Welcome to UEI!

You’re One step closer to achieving your career dreams

We are excited for your first day as you join us on this incredible journey to build a new career you can be proud of! To ensure everyone’s health and safety at this time, we have provided the following distance learning orientation.

This page will provide you with a step by step guide on how to complete your orientation process online and help you get started on your first day of class with UEI!

The orientation process is important as we will be providing you various information to ensure you have all the tools and resources you need to be successful throughout the program.

You’ll learn:

  • How to navigate through your campus community and who to reach out to for support
  • Where and how to find the information/resources you need
  • How to access your eBook and your student portal
  • What’s expected of you and how we will help you succeed in your new career

We will be here to guide you and help you through the entire process.  Always remember you can reach out to your Campus Support Team for any questions you may have. We are proud of YOU for taking the first step in deciding on something YOU can control – YOUR EDUCATION!


  • Complete Step 1 - Step 6
  • Watch the Videos and Other Presentations Materials
  • Complete Your First Assignment
  • Review Additional Resources


Step 1: Welcome to Orientation!

Please watch the video to get you started on your educational journey. In this video, you’ll become familiar with our campus community that will support you from day 1 through graduation!


You should receive the following items from your campus to begin your first day of class!

Let’s make sure you have what you need to start class:

For New Students

For Returning Students

Medical Assistant Training Program - UEI College (2)

If you are missing any items, please contact your Admission Representative for help. For campus directory, click here.

Step 3: Find out what Distance Learning is all about

1. Please watch the short video or view the PDF to learn more about our Distance Learning Program and tips for success.

2. Please watch the short video to learn more about our Distance Learning Program and tips for success.

STEP 4: Set Up Your Kindle

  1. View this video or download the PDF to help you set up your Kindle and Wi-Fi Access.
  2. Have ready your Kindle Username and Password that was assigned to you by the school.

STEP 5: Submit Your First Assignment

It's super easy! This assignment will take you 2 minutes to complete.


1. Watch this short video or view the pdf on how to complete your first assignment.

2. Click on the button below to submit your assignment

Step 6: Meet Your Instructor

Your Education Connection Form that was provided to you at the campus is important to keep in hand. On the form, you’ll find your Instructor’s phone number, email contact, and your first 1:1 appointment time and date.

Sample Education Connection Form

If you don’t have a scheduled appointment or if you missed your appointment, please call the Campus Directory and ask for your Admission Representative or Instructor right away to reschedule your appointment.


Here are some additional Resources to download and keep handy: