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Healthcare Graduate Works to Keep Kids Safe During Pandemic

Medical professionals have to deal with uncertainty every day. But beginning a new career in any medical field as a global pandemic emerges is something very few people can be prepared for.

UEI College’s Medical Assistant program can help you hit the ground running, even when faced with a medical crisis the world hasn’t seen before.

Meet Diana, who graduated from UEI College in 2019. She was immediately thrust into an unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. And she started helping right away by helping children.

Diana completed UEI College’s Medical Assistant program at the Chula Vista campus. That prepared her for a career in health care, but the training of the program also enabled her to work with kids – and help keep them safe during the pandemic.

“I am currently working in a pediatric office. With this pandemic, we are working a bit differently,” Diana said. “We are still seeing sick patients in our office to prevent them from going to the emergency room, and to help lessen the chances of being exposed to COVID-19. It also helps keep the hospital clear for those who really need to be there.”

Not only did the program prepare Diana to work in pediatrics to help and treat children, it also enabled her to get quick, hands-on experience with what has become the “new normal” in the healthcare industry. The things Diana learned in the Medical Assistant program at UEI College ensured she was prepared to handle the constantly evolving environment that came along with the pandemic.

“We take extra precautions for patients and staff – such as sanitizing, wearing face masks, and limiting the number of patients in our office,” Diana said. “We will continue to be safe and get through this with everyone’s help.”

UEI’s Medical Assistant program helped prepare Diana for anything the pandemic has thrown at her, and allowed her to help keep children healthy and safe. A variety of skills are taught in the program, and learning from experienced instructors gave her the ability and the courage to jump in and help right away in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of healthcare.

Medical Assistant training at UEI College can be completed in as few as 10 months and is set up to provide hands-on training and skills you’ll need to be successful in an entry-level role. The instructors at UEI College are ready to help you through your academic journey so you can start a new career.

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