At UEI College, we are dedicated to our students’ success. We strive to help our students become the most knowledgeable, experienced, and effective graduates in their specific career. We prepare our students from Day 1 to graduation and into the workforce with the skills to make an impact in the workforce.

By partnering with us during your search for the right employee, you’ll be connected to qualified candidates at no cost. We work with you to fulfill your recruitment needs in a way that’s simple and convenient for you. Whether you are looking to hire a graduate or fill an externship position, we’re here to help.


  • Prepared to Work Graduates
  • Extern-to-Hire Program
  • Interviews On-Demand
  • Ongoing Support & Resources
  • Share Your Expertise
  • Special Events, Job Fairs


Our Graduates are Prepared to Work

With months of hands–on training in our real–world labs, our graduates have demonstrated determination and commitment to their future careers.

Extern–to–Hire Program

This program allows you the unique opportunity to spend time with our senior students while they extern at your business. By participating, you have the chance to mold your future employee to your specific needs before they could become a potential permanent employee.

Interviews On–Demand

We make the interviewing process easy by coordinating and facilitating potential candidate interview appointments. Just tell us when and where — at your site or on our campus — and we’ll take care of the rest.

Ongoing Support & Resources

You and the grad you hire will have our continued support! For our grads, the school will provide any additional training, refresher courses and/or coaching sessions if necessary.

Special Events

As a valued employer, you will have the opportunity to participate in our Career Fairs and other special events.

Share your Expertise

Another opportunity available to you is becoming an Advisory Board member. As a member, you will contribute to the design and content of our curriculum so that our student training aligns with the needs of your business and other businesses like yours. It’s a great way to get involved with your community and contribute to the futures of our hard–working students!

Our Students are Trained
in the Following Programs

UEI Automotive Technician

Automotive Technician

This well-balanced, comprehensive trade school program combines the theoretical aspects of automotive diagnostics with direct, hands-on practical training in repair procedures. Some of the topics we focus on in our Automotive Technician program are Engine Theory and Systems, Manual Transmissions, and Brake Systems.

UEI Business Office Administration

Business Office Administration

This program will teach you basic office administration skills to prepare you for entry-level positions. You'll learn key software such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher) and QuickBooks, and study basics of marketing, human resources, customer service, communication, organization, and accounting.

UEI Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Our Criminal Justice program will help prepare you for entry-level criminal justice and security positions by teaching you about the US legal system and the technical skills, operational standards, and workplace behaviors expected of employees. You'll not only get classroom education but also practical experience in a lab setting.

UEI Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

Our Dental Assistant program teaches you clinical, radiographic, and preventive dentistry procedures. You'll learn in the classroom and lab, plus get 170 hours of on-the-job externship training to prepare you for entry-level dental assistant positions in dental offices, supply manufacturers, hospitals, or insurance companies.

UEI Electrician Technician

Electrician Technician

Our Electrician Technician program is designed to get you the necessary training you need as quickly as possible via an industry-recognized curriculum that provides you with career-focused courses that are personalized, hands-on, and tailored to the skills that employers look for most.

UEI Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Our HVAC program is designed to be completed in as few as ten months and focuses on hands-on training. Some of the topics we focus on in our HVAC trade school program are Air Conditioning, Troubleshooting, and Green Awareness, Specialized Commercial Equipment, and Heating Systems .

UEI Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Our Medical Assistant program will give you the education you need for entry-level front- or back-office medical assistant positions in clinics, hospitals, and doctors' offices. You'll also complete a 250-hour externship where you'll receive on-the-job training at an approved extern employment site in the community.

UEI Medical Billing and Insurance Coding

Medical Billing and Insurance Coding

You'll learn how to code medical procedures and diagnoses, complete insurance claim forms, and assess patient records for claims reimbursement. You'll also complete a 250-hour externship at an approved extern employment site in the community.

UEI Medical Office Specialist

Medical Office Specialist

In addition to health care fundamentals, including emergency procedures and CPR, you’ll be trained in office management tasks, insurance processing, coding and billing, bookkeeping, medical records management. Students are trained in medical administrative procedures for ambulatory care facilities, medical clinics, dental offices, and hospitals.

UEI Pharm Tech

Pharmacy Technician

The Pharmacy Technician program will help you gain a solid foundation of pharmacy fundamentals and terminology. A combination of classroom and lab classes will help prepare you to work in both hospital and retail pharmacy areas. You'll also receive on-the-job training in the 120 hour externship with an employer within the community.

UEI Welding

Welding Technician

The Welding Technician program prepares you for an entry-level welder career in the manufacturing centers, industrial complexes etc. While enrolled in this vocational program you’ll study Welding fundamentals and welding procedures.

My biggest benefit with recruiting students from UEI and their various campuses all over southern Orange County is the quality that they have. These applicants are ready to work. They are eager, they are excited and take their positions very seriously.

Cynthia Vargas-Recio
Inter-con Security Systems

Partnership Opportunities

With the continuously shifting economy, it is essential to find the right employee with the proper skills. Our Career Services team at UEI College helps employers connect with qualified candidates to become a valuable team member. Interested in learning more? Click on the link below to fill out the form and a career services specialist will get in touch with you.

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