10 Reasons to Enroll at UEI College


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Everyone has their own reasons for attending college. But often, the decision to invest time, money, and effort into furthering one’s education comes down to a single goal: to establish a new or improved career path.

It’s around this goal that we at UEI College have structured our curricula, making each program ideal for those seeking a faster and more focused career training option that prepares students with the skills they need to successfully join the workforce.

So, why enroll in a career college like UEI versus a more traditional two- or four-year college or university? What sets our educational structure apart? Here are 10 key advantages we offer at UEI College:

1. UEI College Offers Popular Career Options

The vocational and trade programs we offer at UEI College have been carefully chosen and established to provide career training within fields that offer a high potential for a career you can be proud of. We follow local market trends and demands closely, then offer programs that help students gain the education and skills they need to benefit from these opportunities.

Currently, UEI College offers programs in healthcare (Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, Medical Billing and Insurance Coding, Medical Office Specialist, and Pharmacy Technician), in the trades (HVAC, Automotive Technician, Criminal Justice, Electrician Technician, and Welding), and business (Business Office Administration).

2. Our Curriculum is Based on What Employers are Looking For

Within all the programs we offer at UEI College, the curriculum is based on teaching the specific skills employers are looking for when hiring for entry-level positions. Our programs don’t require students to take courses unrelated to their fields of interest. Instead, instructors focus on teaching students the specific tasks they’ll need to accomplish and duties they’ll be required to perform to be successful within their new career field. It’s our goal that students are career-ready with the skills and experience that employers seek by the time they graduate from UEI College.

3. We Provide Hands-On, Real-World Training

Where some schools might focus a portion of their coursework and class time lecturing about broader lessons in theory, research and analysis, UEI College takes a more direct approach. Our focus is to provide students with a practical, hands-on educational experience that prepares them for specific new career fields. This involves learning and practicing a specific set of skills employers in healthcare and technical fields seek when considering new employees. Many of our programs also offer externship options during which students can earn real-world experience from a local employer within their field of study. In other words, UEI provides the best of both worlds when it comes to education: professional instruction and real-world career experience.

4. UEI College Classes are Taught by Instructors with Career-Relevant Experience

UEI College instructors have walked the walk when it comes to their fields of expertise. Not only do they often boast years of real-world experience within the professions they teach, but they also maintain a passion for their vocations as well as for passing along their knowledge and skills to the next generation of career professionals.

5. Flexible Class Schedules are Available at UEI

As the students are UEI College have busy lives with work, kids, home life, and other obligations, we strive to accommodate by offering flexibility through both weekday and evening classes. We take this even further by also offering hybrid learning for our vocational and trade programs. This allows students to learn and study online from the comfort of their homes while still gaining hands-on experience through on-campus lab sessions, which are taught and overseen by our instructors. If you have the desire to learn a new career, we have flexible class schedules for you!

6. We Offer Financial Aid for Those Who Qualify

We don’t want financial limitations to get in the way of your desire to improve your education, skillset and career possibilities. As an accredited school, UEI College offers a variety of financial aid options to those who qualify. During the admissions process, your UEI representative will introduce you to our financial aid team, which will walk you through all your options, which may include grants, loans, scholarships, or a combination thereof. And, if you’re a veteran, a member of the active-duty military or reserves, or are one of their spouses or dependents, you may qualify for additional financial assistance options. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

7. You May Graduate in as Few as 10 Months

You read that right. Most of the programs we offer at UEI College can be completed in as little as 10 months. This means it’s possible to enroll in a program (new classes begin monthly), gain hands-on, real-world experience and skills, graduate, and begin a career you can be proud of in less than a year!

8. We Help UEI College Students Find Careers

We don’t just train students, wish them luck, and send them on their way. At UEI College, our Career Services team continually strives to help our graduates find work within their chosen fields. Through efforts such as our externship programs, we maintain relationships with potential local employers in the medical, technical and business fields, many of whom trust UEI College to train career-ready graduates that may fill open positions within their companies, clinics and facilities. Members within the UEI Career Services team take personal pride in placing graduates into new careers.

9. UEI College Believes in Second Chances

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life. Some have made mistakes, taken missteps along their educational or career paths, or even taken years or decades to decide they’re ready to make significant changes in their lives. But, at UEI College we believe they all deserve a chance – even a second or third chance – to improve their lives through education and career training. Because of this belief, our student body is diverse in both background and experience. This, we feel, makes us stronger as a school and as a people.

So despite the journey that led you to today, if you have a desire to better yourself through education and hands-on training toward a new career, we want to hear from you. Call us, fill out our online contact form, or stop by one of our campuses to learn more.