Elizabeth's transformative journey from a 23-year career in customer service to a thriving role in Medical Billing and Insurance Coding.

Transition to a Medical Billing & Coding Career Was the Right Fit

After 23 years in customer service, Elizabeth Cruz decided it was time to make a change. She candidly shared, “I’m kind of just, burnt out on customer service.” Looking for a path that didn’t involve direct patient care, she found Medical Billing and Insurance Coding at United Education Institute (UEI) in Las Vegas to be the perfect fit, appreciating the opportunity to work behind the scenes while still contributing to the healthcare field.

As Cruz progressed through the program, she discovered a passion for medical billing, particularly the process of learning different codes and their meanings. Her instructor, Mrs. Paynell, played a pivotal role in her positive experience, ensuring her understanding of the subject matter. Cruz remarked, “She helps you understand everything. It clicked in my head, and I could find a code pretty fast by finding the correct keywords.”

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However, Cruz admitted that she faced challenges with the coursework, finding some of the codes and wording confusing. Nevertheless, her determination and passion for the field kept her going, determined not to give up. To students beginning in the medical billing program, she advised, “Give yourself a chance. Don’t give up. You’re going to love the field that you’re in because it’s such an interesting field.”

The program also provided Cruz with an externship opportunity at a billing company where she verified insurance and posted payments. She expressed her contentment, stating, “I really love my site and I love the people that I work with.”

Looking ahead, Cruz’s short-term goal was to complete her extern hours and graduate with a certificate from UEI, which would mark her first time graduating from college. Her long-term aspiration was to secure a position at her externship site and work there for an extended period. Cruz was optimistic about her future in front-office medical billing, embracing the change and excelling in her new career path.

Throughout her journey at UEI College, Cruz displayed courage in pursuing a new career, following through with dedication, and embracing a field she truly enjoyed. Her determination and love for medical billing served as an inspiration to others just starting in the program or considering a career change.

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