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My UEI Story – Meet Michelle, a Dental Assistant Graduate from UEI San Marcos

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It took me 3 times to come in and talk to someone about programs, and every time I would go in I would get really excited and nervous at the same time… My favorite thing about UEI would have to be the classrooms and how they are designed so that the teacher is able to focus and give each student the attention they need. Everyone learns different and for me the UEI campus was perfect for me.

The Pros & Cons of Pursuing a Career as a Dental Assistant

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If you are currently looking into hands-on, practical and real-world dental assistant programs like the one offered by UEI College, you may first want to weigh the pros and cons of this career path. Below we’ve put together an overview of some of the highlights along with a few potential downsides to a career as a dental assistant for you to review prior to making your decision.

How to Increase Office Productivity with Microsoft Word

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There’s a reason that Microsoft Word remains the workhorse of office administration with its extensive capabilities and seemingly endless applications for business emails, reports, and proposals. If you are interested in working as an administrative assistant, office manager or business office administrator, our list of 17 Microsoft Word tips and shortcuts will prove priceless for maximizing productivity on the job.

The Pros & Cons of Becoming an HVAC Technician

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As a technician, you will look at why the system isn’t working, and determine the best way to repair it using the mechanical skills, technical skills, and practical experience you gained during your training. At UEI you can complete your HVAC technician training in as few as 11 months, with a practical and convenient program that will prepare you to handle the ups and downs, pros and cons of this exciting career.