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5 Reasons Why Medical Assistant is a Growth Career

5 Reasons Why Medical Assistant is a Growth Career - UEI College

There are many reasons why Medical Assistant is a smart career choice. It’s a career that allows you to help people, learn many skills and fulfill a wide variety of roles. The career is secure since demand for Medical Assistants is projected to grow much faster than average. The skills learned are transferable to other areas of the growing healthcare industry and other office settings. Read on to find other reasons why Medical Assistant is a growth career.


As the cost of healthcare rises and doctors are in short supply, the healthcare industry is looking for ways to minimize costs. One way is by allowing Medical Assistants to assume some of the roles and responsibilities once performed by a nurse or doctor. Not only does this help minimize costs, but it allows the job role of Medical Assistant to become more challenging, skilled, interesting and varied.


As our overall population ages, there is an increasing need for medical care. More people are receiving care and there is a growing need for Medical Assistants of all types. Doctors are usually not able to spend as much time with their patients as they did in the old days. A Medical Assistant can personalize patient care by spending extra time with the patient, ensuring the patient’s needs are met.


A student who completes our Medical Assistant Training Program is trained in some of the latest technologies. She learns computer and software systems that assist her in her job. In order to reinforce what she learns, she applies her new knowledge in an externship workplace setting near the end of the program. The new skills she acquires are applicable in many modern business settings.


Medical Assistant is an exciting career path because of the many things you learn. Office management, clinical assistance duties, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic imaging and psychology are just a few subjects covered in our program. As the need for healthcare grows, the role of Medical Assistants continues to grow. This provides opportunities for learning new skills that make you more valuable to employers.


Just as medical healthcare is growing, alternative healthcare is growing. It also needs trained Medical Assistants in their practices. Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Ayurvedics are a few alternative medicine practitioners who use Medical Assistants in their practices. The knowledge acquired in our Medical Assistant Training Program is applicable in an alternative medical practice setting.

If you find the medical field intriguing and are interested in helping others while enjoying a secure job in a growing field, consider enrolling in UEI’s Medical Assistant Training Program. Enrollment is ongoing and both day and evening classes are available.

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