A Heartfelt Synopsis from a UEI Colleague

    • ACultureofExcellence
    December 04, 2018
    If you’ve read the new book, “A Culture of Excellence: The Art, Discipline, and Practice of Breakthrough Leadership”, you’ve probably realized there’s a lesson to be learned behind every page. For one of our colleagues, the passages touched them in a profound way. This individual shares their thoughts on the book:

    “I wanted to take the time to express the impact ‘A Culture of Excellence’ has had on me… As I digested each page, I identified with so much of the passion and excitement that I have experienced working for UEI. I have become a true believer in the power of culture. 

    One of the examples in the book talks about the difference between customer service, and going above and beyond… the customer is overwhelmed with the shopping experience, and the associate assists with “excellence” by accompanying the customer to the right aisle and assisting in selecting the right product… my thought of achieving excellence, would be taking the service level a step further, and offer to assist with occupying the customer’s children, as to allow the customer to make a better decision without distraction. 

    At IEC, I know as the CEO of my position, I am allowed to use my creative avenues to produce excellence in my position, along with receiving honest and thoughtful feedback from my superiors… and I am proud to say that working for UEI has continued to be the family and solid foundation in which I have been successful for the past 5 years. I will continue to refer to ‘A Culture of Excellence’, and carry it with me...”

    The new book, "A Culture of Excellence: The Art, Discipline, and Practice of Breakthrough Leadership" is published by HARVARD SHUSTER. This book is about leadership and organizational culture written by two executives with strong business and academic backgrounds.

    To find this book, please go to Amazon via the following link:



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