Ruben shares his path from serving in the military to becoming a Pharmacy Technician at UEI College Riverside

An Inspirational Journey to Pharmacy Tech

From a young age, Ruben Chapa has felt called to make a difference in his community. At 18 years old, he enlisted in the Army and served 8 years active duty.

“It was always my dream to find a career in the medical field so that I could help make a difference in my community,” Ruben said. “When I found that UEI College Riverside had a pharmacy technician program, it sparked my interest.”

His sense of community and service comes from his family. His mother has worked in healthcare his whole life. She has spent that past 15 years as a Medical Assistant at Kaiser Permanente. Ruben knew he needed a plan for when he left the Army and transitioned into civilian life. The staff at UEI College in Riverside helped him navigate the Pharmacy Technician program and gave him the confidence boost to head back to school.

“The hybrid model of two days on campus and two days online really worked for me,” Ruben said. “And as it was my first time going to school, I picked up on the material a lot quicker than I expected.”

He credits this to the great instructors he worked with throughout his coursework.

Towards the middle of the program, Ruben became a UEI Ambassador. UEI Ambassadors are student leaders who maintain a high GPA, consistent attendance, and serve as representatives of UEI to the community and new students. Ruben’s eagerness to learn and excel in the field of pharmacy made him a top candidate for this role. He encouraged new students to always ask questions no matter where they are in their coursework or their career.

Ruben looks forward to continuing to learn as a Pharmacy Technician on behalf of the patients he will be serving and to uphold the professionalism of the field. He has plans to become nationally certified and pursue a job with Kaiser Permanente.

“To me the role of a pharmacy technician is crucial in helping improve a patient lives because with our knowledge of how a medication should be taken correctly we can help make sure the patient is well informed,” he said. “From the time I spent in my program at UEI Riverside, I believe I am ready for whatever comes my way in the field of pharmacy.”

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