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UEI Mesa Arizona Trade & Vocational School Campus - UEI College

UEI College to Open Second Arizona Campus This Summer in Mesa

As the demand for career and vocational training is increasing, UEI College is opening a new campus in Mesa, Arizona.

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MA Graduate Finds Motivation for Success at UEI Morrow

Shaquita always had educational goals for herself. At UEI in Morrow, she found the motivation she needed to achieve them.

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UEI Graduate Survives Gunshot, Finds Motivation for Education

Jacob Galos was nearly killed by a gunshot wound, but after recovering he turned tragedy into purpose at UEI College.

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Dental Assistant Student at UEI Phoenix is on the right track - UEI College

On the Right Track at UEI College

Angel is a Dental Assistant student in Phoenix who wants to be a good role model for his siblings.

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