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uei trade school in mesa az

UEI College to Open Second Arizona Campus This Summer in Mesa

As the demand for career and vocational training is increasing, UEI College is opening a new campus in Mesa, Arizona.

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female UEI college graduate

MA Graduate Finds Motivation for Success at UEI Morrow

Shaquita always had educational goals for herself. At UEI in Morrow, she found the motivation she needed to achieve them.

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male UEI college graduate

UEI Graduate Survives Gunshot, Finds Motivation for Education

Jacob Galos was nearly killed by a gunshot wound, but after recovering he turned tragedy into purpose at UEI College.

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male UEI college student

On the Right Track at UEI College

Angel is a Dental Assistant student in Phoenix who wants to be a good role model for his siblings.

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