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Medical Assistant Graduate Finds Motivation for Success at UEI Morrow

May 7, 2021

Shaquita always had educational goals for herself. At UEI in Morrow, she found the motivation she needed to achieve them.

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Mother, Son Inspire One Another to Become Medical Assistants

Apr 1, 2021

Lucinda and her son Trayvon motivated each other in the Medical Assistant program at UEI in Morrow.

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Morrow Graduate Is Passionate About Healthy Smiles

Mar 23, 2021

Kierra Gresham has a passion for helping others and found the dental assistant program at UEI Morrow to be ideal.

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The Future of the Dental Industry Post COVID-19

Aug 19, 2020
The Future of the Dental Industry Post COVID-19 - UEI College

If you have always wanted to work in the dental field, now is a great time to start training at a vocational school and learn the skills needed to become a dental assistant.

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Top 5 Resources for Medical Assistants

Apr 22, 2020
Top 5 Resources for Medical Assistants - UEI College

As a medical assistant, you are an essential part of the medical field. In fact, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics cannot function well without you. You are the heart of it all and you work hard to make sure patients are properly cared for. As medical assistants continue to be in demand, more and more…

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