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IEC Named as One of the Fastest Growing Companies

International Education Corporation (IEC) was named by the Orange County Business Journal as one of the fastest-growing corporations and “the” fastest growing education company headquartered in Orange County, California. This list is put together by the journal annually and it represents the rate of revenue growth year over year. Making this coveted list shows growth rate and the ranking is developed by comparing results of all the fastest-growing companies.

“We are pleased to make this list and grouped amongst such extraordinary corporations as Orange County is home to many of the country’s best corporations,” says Fardad Fateri, President and Chief Executive Officer of International Education Corporation. But Fateri submits, “Although our growth rate and top-line expansion is remarkable and many would argue dramatically, what we are most proud of is our ability to grow while improving the quality of all that we do for our students demonstrated through our student retention and graduation rates as well as the placement of our graduates in educationally related careers.”

Janis Paulson, the company’s Chief Operating and Financial Officer, says, “IEC was in deep financial trouble just a little over two years ago so to be able to reach this high level of performance in just a short period of time and then to make this list is testimony to the passion, good thinking, and rigor of all the employees at our company.”

Paulson adds, “We are excited but not surprised about earning a spot on this list of fastest growing companies as we know our company has the talent, the ambition and the appetite for reaching the top. We truly have an extraordinary culture at IEC, one that is focused on personal accountability, top performance, operational effectiveness, and passion for student success.”

Making this prestigious list is just the beginning for IEC as we plan to grow at similar and higher rates in the future,” claims Ginny White, IEC’s Executive Vice President of Admissions and Marketing, “We have the people, the infrastructure, the programs, the market dominance and the strategy to continue to create impact and achieve superior results.”

When asked about the influence of the poor state of the economy on IEC’s performance, White responds, “In a good or a bad economy, highly talented individuals can always secure employment; the same paradigm holds true for companies. At IEC, we will never blame the economy for our poor performance and we will never credit the economy for our top performance.”

Janis Paulson holds, “The economy is yet one more variable for us to manage and highly talented management teams know how to navigate through the turbulence of the economy. To create such an amazing performance in such economic conditions is testimony to the breadth of our experience as a corporation and to our ability to execute with remarkable precision.”

Fateri says, “We are optimistic about sustaining this level of performance as we have a solid business platform and a unique thesis for accelerated growth as well as a disciplined approach to our enterprise. We are also well aware that we must remain relentless on execution and our never-ending focus on the levers of our business as our plan is to grow but we only want to grow with quality and integrity; we will never want to grow at the risk of compromising our commitment to the success of our students.”


Headquartered in Irvine, California, International Education Corporation is a premier national provider of practitioner-focused postsecondary career education providing top-quality programs in high-demand verticals such as healthcare, business, technology, transportation, and criminal justice. IEC owns and operates colleges under two national brands: UEI College and Advanced Career Training.

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