Questions You’ll Be Asked During a Dental Assistant Interview

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    May 26, 2017
    Interviewing for a dental assistant job is probably going to be similar in some ways to interviewing for other jobs, but will most likely also include questioning that’s specific to the position. It’s important to be as prepared as you can for your dental assistant interview. Aside from going over the regular interview tips, it’s essential to study job-specific details as well. Here are some common dental assistant interview questions so that you can brush up (no pun intended) before the big day.

    What are your qualifications for the role of dental assistant?

    While your details are probably already listed on your resume or mentioned in your cover letter, the interviewer may want to hear about your accomplishments and experience in your own words. Be prepared to fill him or her in on your dental assistant education, as well as any relatable experience. Keep in mind that even if you haven’t worked as a dental assistant before you likely still have some skills that are applicable in this job, such as customer service or time management.

    Are you comfortable dealing with a wide range of clients?

    Dental assistants interact with clients of all ages and from all walks of life. The interviewer will typically want to know if you are happy to work with children, older people, and everyone in between. If you have a special interest in a particular group you can express this, but be careful not to make your answer sound like you’re adverse to working with others.

    How do you feel about working as part of a team?

    It’s not only patients that dental assistants need to be comfortable around; dental offices usually have a team of professionals working together to care for their clients. At the very least, the dental assistant will be working closely with the dentist. In the dental assistant interview the odds are that you’ll be questioned about your ability to work with others, so try to come up with a few instances where your teamwork skills came into play.

    What is the procedure for preparing for a patient to arrive?

    Before a client even steps into the room and sits down in the chair, a dental assistant has work to do to set up. Dental assistant interview questions may very well delve into how much the interviewee knows about procedure prior to the client arriving. Reviewing a patient’s medical history, notes from previous visits, and payment history are typical pre-appointment tasks.

    What is your own oral hygiene routine?

    In most job interviews, asking about an applicant’s hygiene practices would be pretty inappropriate, but when interviewing for a dental assistant position, there’s a good chance the question could come up. If it does, keep in mind that the interviewer basically wants to know if you take the job’s values to heart.

    Are you familiar with the proper process for equipment sterilization?

    In dentistry, as with other medical professions, keeping instruments and other equipment sterilized is of the utmost importance. Your interviewers will usually want to know that you are aware of the proper procedures for sanitizing equipment and also how and when to dispose of one-time use items.

    How do you deal with stressful situations?

    Going to the dentist is an activity that some of the most calm, rational people dread. For a dental assistant, the ability to keep a level head in stressful and possibly emergency situations is a huge asset. In fact, having a calming demeanor is general is a trait that many employers in this line of work are likely to look for.

    Do you have any administrative experience?

    While a good deal of the dental assistant’s role is interacting face-to-face with the client, they also have paperwork to maintain behind the scenes. Client files need to be created and kept up-to-date to ensure proper care. Whether or not you have administration experience may come up in your dental assistant interview.

    You’ll never be able to anticipate all of your interview questions ahead of time. However, studying interview tips and some common job specific questions is a good way to prepare. Not only does it allow you to get in the right frame of mind, but it may even calm some of your nerves. 



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