Raul transformed his career at UEI College, moving from a stagnant job to realizing his dream of becoming a Tesla technician

Reaching His Dream Career Goals

Raul Ramirez’s journey from customer service to becoming a Tesla technician showcases the power of following one’s passions and constantly seeking growth. Dissatisfied with his stagnant customer service job, Ramirez decided it was time for a new career path. He recalled, “I think I need a new career. I really always wanted to work on cars.”

With a background in basic car maintenance, he felt drawn to the automotive field. Ramirez’s serendipitous encounter with UEI College on Facebook led him to explore their Automotive Technician program. After a tour of the Gardena campus, he was convinced that this was the right step to pursue his dreams of working with cars.

As he began the program, Ramirez met a supportive and knowledgeable instructor, Mr. Sims, who provided valuable tips and practical insights beyond what textbooks covered. He appreciated the hands-on learning experience and the abundance of tools available at the school. Despite the challenging workload, Ramirez maintained a 4.0 GPA by staying organized and on top of his assignments.

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“Raul was an excellent student who was always done with his tasks on time and always made himself available to help classmates,” said Instructor George Sims. “I am very proud of him and know he will do very well in his career.”

After graduating in January, Ramirez achieved his dream of becoming a Tesla technician. He described his responsibilities, which ranged from working on Tesla batteries and cameras to performing suspension work and tire changes, skills he acquired at UEI College. Ramirez’s dedication to constant learning and his background in working with different car models made him an asset at Tesla, leading to their decision to invest in sending him to Tesla School for further certifications.

Ramirez’s passion and work ethic earned him high rankings among his colleagues. He urged students starting in an automotive program to be confident in themselves and unafraid to ask questions. Emphasizing the importance of seeking guidance to avoid mistakes that could damage customers’ vehicles, Ramirez highlighted the value of continuous learning in the automotive industry.

His journey from customer service to becoming a skilled Tesla technician at such a renowned company is a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one’s passions and the rewards of dedicated effort. He inspires others to embrace change, seek opportunities for growth, and have confidence in their abilities to succeed in their chosen fields.

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