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Top 5 Benefits of Being an Electrician – UEI College

Take a moment to think about your home. What is something that is consistent throughout your house? Electricity! Homes are powered on it and we thrive on having it available to us. For instance, without electricity, we would not be able to charge our phones and we would not be able to enjoy the lovely air conditioner when it is hot outside. More than we know it, we have become completely dependent on electricity in our everyday lives.

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If you have ever thought about training to become an electrician, now is the perfect time to do so. Electricians are in high demand and will continue to be in demand as we need electricity.  

Whether you have considered going into the field or you have your mind set on it, the advisors at UEI College can help. This rewarding career is growing right now, and with our open enrollment, you can be on your way to a new career in no time.

Need a little more convincing? Below, you will find the top five benefits of becoming an electrician:

1. You will have a career you can be proud of

Ever find yourself employed somewhere but unsure if you will actually have a job in a couple of months? Good employment opportunities can be hard to find, and it may even cause a lot of stress for you too, especially when you rely on the job to pay your bills. Fortunately, as an electrician, there are many opportunities open to you.. You will find that someone is always in need of an electrician whether it is a homeowner or business owner.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that from 2018 until 2028, there will be more than 94,000 electrician job openings available each year.

2. You Can Become Your Own Boss

Some people find that working for a company is not their first choice and that is okay. The nice thing about being an electrician is that you can open your own business. In fact, some of the things you need include tools, a truck, and your licenses and insurance. There are many people who find that working for a company is not the best choice for them and they are able to start and run their own company.

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3. You Will Be Respected

You are not going to be in an easy job, and you will find that many days you are under a lot of pressure and running around. While you may not receive a thank you for every job, do know that you are well respected in your field and everyone counts on you.

4. Always Something to Do

You have likely heard people tell you before that they hate sitting in front of a computer and putting in their 9 to 5. One of the nice things about becoming an electrician is that there are never two days that are exactly the same. This means that you will always have something to do, a new problem to solve, and customers relying on you. Since this continues to be a growing field, you will also find that you can make work for yourself in your downtime as well.

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Think you want to be an electrician? It is a great career choice and here at UEI College, we offer a complete electrician technician program that will train you and prepare you for an entry-level role out in the field. Our team and faculty are committed to helping you achieve your goals and you will find that our program offers a ton of hands-on training and experience for you to develop the skills needed for this profession.

If you would like to learn more about our electrician program, please reach out to one of the UEI advisors today.

Interested In Our Electrician Technician Program? CLICK HERE >

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