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A Long Road to a Successful Career

Mason’s motivational path from military service to finding his passion in electrical work at UEI College in Phoenix

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A Boost of Confidence Helped Electrical Student Get the Job

A supportive community, dedicated instructors, and Adam’s determination led him to success in the Electrician Technician program

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West Covina Campus President Sparks Student Interest by Joining Class

Gregg Falcon rolled up his sleeves and joined the Electrician Technician students in their weekend classes to learn more about the program.

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Marine Corps. Veteran Finds Rewarding New Career

Adam completed the Electrician Technician training program at UEI College. His journey to the electrical field has been a rewarding one

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UEI Expands Electrician Technician Program in Response to Urgent Demand

There is growing demand for electrical workers in California and UEI College expanding its Electrical Technician training program in response

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