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UEI College Chula Vista is on the Move!


CHULA VISTA, Calif. (March 25, 2019) – UEI College’s Chula Vista campus is on the move! After 20 years at its current location, UEI College is moving down the street to a new campus located at 1261 Third Ave, Suite A. The new campus is conveniently located and easily accessible from the 5 and 805 freeways, two major Metropolitan Transit Routes (MTS), and the Trolley UC San Diego Blue Line. Programs at the vocational school are hands-on and immersive, so students at the new Chula Vista location will appreciate the additional practice space for UEI’s career training programs, including the addition of their new Automotive Technician training program.

The addition of UEI’s Automotive Technician program to the Chula Vista campus is a timely answer to a growing need in the automotive world. From the popularity of alternative-fuel vehicles and the retirement of a significant percentage of the Boomer workforce to the affordability and availability of mid-price-range cars, opportunities for driven, experienced, and eager automotive technicians are in high demand. Car and Driver reports that the U.S. is experiencing a shortage of entry-level automotive technicians who are ready to face the demand at dealerships, body shops, and other areas of the auto industry.

“We are thrilled to offer the Automotive Technician program at Chula Vista,” says Dr. Fardad Fateri, President and CEO of International Education Corporation. “Our new campus provides additional space for students to get hands-on training and the practice they need to succeed in this trade.”

The Automotive Technician program is student-focused, providing learners with a unique experience. While studying with professionals from the automotive field, students will be encouraged to dive in and experiment, learning from their practice in UEI’s automotive shop labs.  Students will learn basic and advanced skills to help build the foundation they need to bring value to automotive shops.

“UEI College has been a part of the Chula Vista community for many years and will continue to provide top-quality career education programs to our students who reside in this area,” says Dr. Fardad Fateri. “Across the entire UEI College community, our foremost objective is to help prepare students to enter the workforce as industry professionals, in a career they can be proud of.   This ongoing commitment to our students is communicated across all of our campuses, including Chula Vista.

In addition to the Automotive Technician program, the new location will continue to offer training for entry-level careers in healthcare, trades, business, and criminal justice with programs like Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Medical Office Specialist, Criminal Justice, and Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC). Students can earn a diploma, utilize the skills learned in class, and be ready to build their future in as few as 10 months for most programs.

Carmen, a Medical Assistant student and future graduate at UEI’s Chula Vista campus is looking forward to the move. “I’m excited to be in the new location for the time I have left in school and for all future students because I’m proud of my college.  Before I came to UEI, my only work experience was in Customer Service.  Since I started at the college, my experience here has allowed me to get to know more people, work with people willing to help, learn how to help others as Mentor, be in an uplifting environment, gain more direction in life, meet new friends, and, more importantly, I was able to learn more about what I’m capable of accomplishing, uncovering the skills I didn’t realize I had, gaining more confidence in myself, and overcoming my fears.  I didn’t just learn how to be a Medical Assistant, I uncovered my potential.  I am excited that the college is expanding because it means they will be able to help more students realize their potential just like me.”

Chula Vista’s new campus location is safe, and welcoming, and features smaller classes to ensure students receive the attention they need to succeed. As with all UEI College campuses, the faculty and staff at Chula Vista are committed to providing students with hands-on learning, available tutoring, and practice stations to encourage mastery of the skills learned in class.

For more information about the new Automotive Technician program or other programs offered at UEI College in Chula Vista, please visit our website or call us at (877) 463-4472.

UEI College – Chula Vista is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuous Education and Training (ACCET). We provide timely short-term career education programs in high-demand marketplace verticals such as healthcare, business, technology, trades, transportation, and criminal justice. From help with finding the right career path to help with finding the right employer after they graduate, UEI is committed to being every students’ partner in success. UEI College has campuses in many other cities in California including one in San Marcos.

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International Education Corporation 
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