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Why It’s Important to Have an Externship Opportunity During Your Career Training

You are advancing towards graduation and as you do, you may be wondering just how you can be best prepared for your new career. You may question yourself and wonder how you can put your skills to good use or how you will know which skills to use and when.

Fortunately, there are opportunities for you to get your feet wet and experience what your career will look like in the real world. At UEI College, our programs provide you with the opportunity to train in a real-life setting. Specifically, our medical assistant program includes an externship at a local medical office.

Whether you are questioning how you can effectively use your new skills on day one or you are ready to take the next steps to becoming a medical assistant, the team here at UEI College can guide you.

Below, we will talk more about the differences between an externship and internship and why your externship opportunity is crucial to your success and future.

Externship or Internship: What’s the Difference?

One of things that students often ask is what is the difference between an externship and an internship. You may hear the two words used interchangeably, but they are quite different from one another.

The key difference is that an externship is more of a learning experience and includes a specific curriculum or learning objectives that the students must complete and/or demonstrate throughout their experience.

Another difference between the two is that an externship is not paid while some internships may be paid. Also, externships are usually part of the student’s program of study where an internship is often voluntary.

You will find that externships are often shorter than internships and often only last a determined number of hours.

Why an Externship is Important

Externships are crucial and needed for you to be successful in your new career. When you think about your externship, think about it as job training or shadowing. You are there to learn the skill or trade, get a real feel for the job, and ask as many questions as you possibly can. This is YOUR opportunity to learn the skills in a real application.

The purpose of your externship will be for you to gain real-world experience and see your career first hand. In addition, companies who offer externships are excited to have students in their facilities and want to share their time, knowledge, and skills.

During an externship, you will have the opportunity to see many areas of the business. You will be able to sit in on meetings, shadow several different roles in the company, and get involved in projects that the company takes on.

To put it simply, your externship is critical. This is also an opportunity for you to network, meet decision-makers, and possibly secure yourself a position when you graduate from your program.

Many of the medical assistant students here at UEI College are hired by their externship site and go on to work immediately in the field after graduation.

Train Today to Become a Medical Assistant

Do you want to work in the healthcare industry? Do you have a love for people and want to provide the utmost care to them? If so, training to become a medical assistant may be right for you.

At UEI College, our medical assistant program includes an externship where you will learn invaluable skills to use upon graduation. Our UEI students love their externship sites and many of them have jobs waiting for them at graduation.

Our medical assistant program can be completed in as few as 10 months and you will learn the hands-on skills you need to be successful in this in-demand career.

If you would like to learn more about our program or our externship opportunities, please call one of our UEI advisors today.

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