What is an Automotive Technician?


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Millions of people depend on their vehicles every day to get to and from work, school, or anywhere else. With so many cars on the road and so many people depending on their vehicles to get around, professionals who know how to fix these vehicles are in high demand.


If you love learning how vehicles run and are interested in making that interest into a career, then training as an automotive technician is a smart move. You can prepare for an entry-level career in the automotive field in as few as ten months by enrolling in UEI College’s Automotive Technician Program.

What is an Automotive Technician?

Automotive Technicians are trained professionals who possess the knowledge and skills required to diagnose, fix, and maintain cars.


Automotive technicians have been trained to use specialized equipment to diagnose error codes within a car’s systems. They also have extensive knowledge about how the different systems within automobiles work and the tools and skills necessary to troubleshoot any automobile issues. Also, they have been taught the necessary skills to make these repairs and ensure that vehicles operate correctly without any issues.

What Do Automotive Technicians Do?

Automotive technicians handle any tasks necessary within a vehicle repair shop or dealership service center. On a typical day, an automotive technician may:


  • Test drive a car to listen and feel for problems
  • Use specialized equipment to inspect a vehicle
  • Interpret error codes found within the vehicle’s systems
  • Perform needed repairs by repairing or replacing worn parts
  • Perform maintenance on a vehicle, including rotating tires, changing fluids, or cleaning or replacing filters and parts
  • Explain car issues and solutions to a client, along with payment options
  • Order vehicle parts
  • Verify warranty coverage
  • Keep notes about the visit, repairs done, and repairs that may be needed soon based on mileage.
  • Test repairs to ensure accuracy and safety


Automotive technicians keep cars running efficiently and help clients feel safe in their vehicle, knowing it is running properly.

Where Do Automotive Technicians Work?

Automotive technicians work in a variety of environments. Auto mechanics work in noisy environments due to the use of power tools. Also, the environments they work in are well-lit so technicians can properly see the parts they are trying to reach. Vehicle repair shops require plenty of tools on hand and equipment to help diagnose issues and lift vehicles up so technicians can reach parts underneath the vehicle.


Most automotive technicians work typical business hours, but some shops offer extended hours to meet the needs of clients, and so it is not uncommon for automotive technicians to work overtime on occasion.


The different places an automotive technician may work include:


1. Repair shops

They may work in an independent or corporate vehicle repair shop. These shops may fix all types of cars or may specialize in one make of vehicle, while others may work on all vehicles that come through the door. Repair shops typically have a small, stable staff that allows customers to build relationships with the people working on their cars.


2. Dealership service center

Automotive Technicians may work at dealership service centers and help customers maintain or repair their automobiles when they come into a dealer service center.


3. Mobile repair company

Some automotive technicians are equipped to make repairs on vehicles at a client’s home or garage. These technicians are typically more experienced as they work independently. Some even run the business themselves or pick up these jobs as a side gig after a full day of work in a shop.


With specialized experience, automotive technicians may also work in automotive body shops, diesel and truck shops, or shops that focus solely on engines, transmissions, or brakes.

How To Become an Automotive Technician?

Becoming an automotive technician does require some training, but it is still possible to qualify for an entry-level position in the field in less than a year.


Step 1: Obtain a high school diploma. A high school diploma is the minimum education requirement for most automotive technician job postings. Many training programs require a high school diploma to enroll. UEI College is unique. If you do not have a high school diploma, we can offer options to help you achieve your diploma while you train for your career.


Step 2: Complete an Automotive Technician Program. It may be possible to become an automotive technician by learning and training with someone in the field, but most employers are looking to hire technicians who can begin working quickly with minimal training on their part. Having an automotive training program on your resume will help you stand out in a competitive job market.


Step 3: Apply for jobs. A good training program will help you develop the skills you need to build a strong resume that will help you stand out as you apply for entry-level positions.


Learn How You Can Become an Automotive Mechanic.

Automotive Technician vs Automotive Mechanic

Many times, the titles Automotive Technician and Automotive Mechanic are used interchangeably, but there is actually a difference between the two. An automotive mechanic has the skills to make repairs and replace parts on a vehicle, but an automotive technician has the more technical training that allows them to interpret a vehicle’s error codes, as well as perform the needed repairs. Both have the skills to work on vehicles, but automotive technicians have usually completed a higher level of training.

Should You Become an Auto Technician?

Being an automotive technician is a great career option if you love to work on cars and don’t mind learning new skills. There is a great need for more trained automotive technicians who understand the latest technology and are eager to grow in the field. With the right training and motivation to continue learning, you can build a career that will last for decades. There are so many reasons to consider becoming an automotive technician! Here are a few more:


Valuable knowledge

If you own a car, you should know how to take care of it. If you train to become an automotive technician, you’ll gain valuable knowledge that you can use to care for your own vehicle as well as your family and friends. With experience, you may be able to start your own business.


Quick training

You don’t have to spend years attending college to begin a career as an automotive technician. With training from UEI College, you can prepare for an entry-level position in as few as ten months. Quick training means education is also more affordable than attending a four-year university.


Rewarding work

Car troubles can be extremely stressful, so clients who find a technician who can do the repairs quickly and honestly will continue to come back for years to come. It’s a great feeling to build a trusting relationship with customers and help them get safely back on the road.


Opportunities to grow

There are hundreds of different types of vehicles on the road, and each issue you face as an automotive technician will teach you something new. Newer technology is also introducing constant, new challenges to the industry. If you love solving puzzles and take pride in your ability to learn on the fly, you will never get bored as an automotive technician.

Train To Become An Automotive Technician at UEI College

The automotive technician program at UEI College can get you on the road to a great career quickly. In as few as ten months, you can gain the skills and experience to prepare for an entry-level position.


With a flexible class schedule, supportive and experienced instructors, and classes starting each month, there is no reason to put off training for a new career. We invite you to come to take a tour of our campus and explore if being an automotive technician could be a good fit for you.


Enroll in UEI College's Auto Mechanic Program.