How to Pursue a Career in the Business Office Administration Field?


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UEI’s Business Office Administration Program prepares students for a fulfilling career in a professional office environment. If your goal is to pursue a career as an administrative assistant, office manager, or customer service representative for a business, UEI can teach you the business concepts, computer skills, and customer service skills necessary to compete for an entry-level position in the business office administration field.

If you’ve been out of the working field for a while or are just looking to get a foot in the door by adding to your resume, the skills taught in our Business Office Administration program will make you a vital part of any professional office.

What Careers Will a Business Office Administration Program Prepare You For?

A diploma in Business Office Administration will prepare you for a variety of business positions. These positions may have a wide scope of responsibilities depending on the business and the office. Possible job titles include:


#1. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are responsible for a variety of clerical tasks like filing, scheduling, and assisting other staff members. They play a meaningful role in ensuring the office runs smoothly. They may help with organizing and any other tasks as assigned by a supervisor. Administrative assistants may be assigned to work with the entire office staff or focus on the needs of one person in a busy leadership position. Administrative assistants handle office work in almost every sector of the economy, from schools and government to non-profits and private-sector companies, providing a wide variety of possible job positions.


#2. Customer Service Representative

A Customer Service Representative supports clients and customers by answering questions, resolving complaints, and providing relevant information. They are often at the front lines of a business, responsible for knowing little about everything or at least the best person to ask. Customer Service Representatives usually work at a front desk, addressing clients face to face or over the phone, but more and more companies are communicating with customers by text and social media as well.


#3. Receptionist

A receptionist is primarily responsible for answering the business phone, welcoming clients and customers, and helping clients receive answers to their questions. Receptionists may also help with clerical work, note taking, filing, and scheduling. They are often the face of the organization, helping clients and customers to feel welcome and important.


#4. Office Coordinator

The Office Coordinator assists with organizing and streamlining clerical tasks around the office. They may be at the front desk taking questions from customers or behind the scenes handling billing, training, and ordering and restocking office supplies. This position requires great attention to detail and the ability to problem solve, as your duties may vary from day to day.


#5. Office Manager

Office managers are responsible for keeping an office running smoothly and overseeing administrative support. They are often expected to know all about the business to provide the right assistance to those who need it. They may also be responsible for keeping the office stocked with the necessary supplies and equipment.


#6. Office Assistant/Office Clerk

The duties of an Office Assistant or Office Clerk will depend greatly on the type of organization. They may do purely clerical work like filing and organizing, or they may also be responsible for greeting clients and customers.

How to Become an Administrative Assistant?

There is no mandatory training or college degree necessary to find a career as an Administrative Assistant. Most job postings require only a high school diploma or equivalent. However, the job field is very competitive, and most employers like to hire a candidate who has the experience and skills to jump into a position with very little training. To begin a career as an administrative assistant, you should:


Step #1: Obtain a High School Diploma

Most employers like to hire a candidate who has graduated from high school and has a basic understanding of the math and English necessary to do the job. If you do not have a high school diploma, we can help and have options! UEI College can help you earn your high school diploma while you receive your business office administration training.


Step #2: Complete a Business Office Administration Program & Gain Experience

It’s possible to find an entry-level business position with no training, but in a competitive market, you want employers to know you have the training and skills to hit the ground running if hired. The best way to prove this is by completing a Business Office Administration Training Program. Through this program, you’ll learn about the computer programs a potential employer may ask you to use and develop customer service skills that will serve you well during an interview.

At the conclusion of UEI’s Business Office Administration Program, we’ll place you on an externship where you can continue to develop your business skills. This experience can bolster your resume and move you to the top any hiring manager’s list.


Step #3: Find a position

With proven training and experience, you’ll be prepared to apply for entry-level administrative office positions. Take advantage of on-the-job training, like your externship, to prove your value to a company.

What is it Like Working in an Office?

The experience of working in an office can vary greatly depending on the organization, the business’s function, and the culture of the office. Some offices are open and expansive, creating a noisy and lively work environment, while others feature cubicles and quiet hallways. Small businesses may provide a tight-knit feeling among co-workers, while large offices may feel ambitious and important.


What it is like to work in an office may also depend on your position. As a receptionist, your job may consist mostly of answering phones, filing, and scheduling. At the same time, an Administrative Assistant may do those tasks and more, helping to keep one office leader organized or all the office staff on the same page. Customer Service Representatives may work more directly with clients, answering questions, listening to complaints, and directing them to more information. In an entry-level Business Office Administrative position, you may be asked to step in where ever an extra set of hands could be of benefit.


While working in an office is not a good fit for everyone, there are some great benefits to working in an office setting. Most offices operate during consistent working hours of 9-5, leaving weekends and evenings free. Office jobs are also not usually very physically demanding. You can perform administrative tasks while seated.


The best and sometimes worst parts of working in an office are the relationships you can form with co-workers and clients. Working in close proximity to other people can teach you a lot about them, and when you find the right fit for you, the results are rewarding.


Working together in an office encourages teamwork and good communication. Many people who work in an office may choose to stay with the same company for years. With the right training and skills, you can be prepared to start in an entry-level position and work your way up with more experience.


More and more offices are offering some employees the option to work remotely. With the right training and technical skills, this may be an option in some industries, especially in a role like a Customer Service Representative.

No High School Diploma?

We Have Options!

Should You Pursue a Career in the Business Office Administration Field?

No matter what environment you ultimately want to work in, having a basic knowledge of business concepts and office administrative duties is a good idea. The technical skills gained through a Business Office Administration Training Program are easily transferable and can lead to endless career opportunities. You’ll learn a great deal about technology and become proficient using programs that are necessary for almost every business sector.


You should pursue a career in the Business Office Administrative field if you’re a dependable person, the stability of working in an office is appealing to you, you enjoy working at a computer or talking on the phone, and you like interacting with a diverse range of people. If you’re passionate about working as a team to serve clients and want to start a new career quickly, then a career in Business Office Administration is right for you.

What Skills Do You Need For a Career in the Business Office Administration Field?

Working in an office isn’t a good fit for everyone. If you’re considering a career in the Business Office Administration field, you should ask yourself if you possess these skills:


#1. Written and verbal communication.

Working in an office with a variety of personalities and responsibilities requires great communication skills. You need to be able to over-communicate to ensure tasks are completed and address problems respectfully when they arise.


#2. Professionalism.

Working in a business environment requires a high level of professionalism. In an entry-level business office administration position, you’re often the first person a client encounters when they enter the business. It’s important to be on time and speak and dress respectfully.


#3. Organization.

Administrative Assistants and Office Managers are usually responsible for helping many others in the office to do their tasks in a timely manner. Being involved in several parts of the business at once requires great organization skills. It may be your job to help organize others.


#4. Independence.

While Administrative Assistants are a vital part of a team, their roles and responsibilities are usually carried out independently. You must be driven to complete tasks on your own to be successful in this role.


#5. Time management.

Working at the front office of a business may require some juggling. You may be given a long list of tasks to do and staff members to assist. If you’re the type of person who loves making and completing checklists, this job is right up your alley. Sometimes the best way to provide assistance to the staff in an office is to consistently show up on time, ready to work.


#6. Problem-solving.

Some supervisors don’t know what assistance they need until someone else points it out. In the Business Office Administration field, you should be prepared to adapt and be resourceful in the solutions you offer to help get the job done. Great attention to detail is also important.


#7. Technology.

Most administrative tasks require a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. As technology advances, employees are being asked to do more and more on computers. If you feel comfortable working on a computer, you’re well-suited for this field.


#8. Interpersonal skills.

Working at the front desk of an office or business requires excellent people skills. If you enjoy making people smile, you’ll make a great candidate for the job.

Do You Need a Degree to Pursue a Career in the Business Office Administration Field?

You do not need a college degree to pursue a career in the Business Office Administration field. The best way to get started is by gaining skills and experience that will make your resume stand out above others. Completing a Business Office Administration Training Program, such as the one offered by UEI College, will give you a competitive edge over students who have not completed a similar program.


UEI’s Business Office Administration program will provide you with comprehensive training on computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Google Apps, and QuickBooks. You’ll also learn how to operate a printer, projector, and other office equipment and some accounting principles and business basics. At the end of your courses, you’ll complete an externship at a local business, practicing the skills you’ve gained under the supervision of an experienced employer. You can include your externship as experience on your resume, giving you built-in experience as you begin your job search.

What Education Do You Need to Enroll In UEI College’s Business Office Administration Program?

You can join UEI College’s Business Office Administration Program whenever you feel ready! No high school diploma?  We can help you earn your high school diploma while you begin your training program. In less than a year, you can earn your high school diploma and also have the experience and training to begin a new career as an Administrative Assistant. Reach out today to learn more.

How Long is UEI’s Business Office Administration Program?

UEI’s Business Office Administration Program can be completed in as few as 10 months. An extensive 250-hour hands-on externship in a business environment at the end of your program ensures you have the skills to begin a new career right after graduation.

What Does UEI’s Business Office Administration Program Teach Students?

UEI’s Business Office Administration Program provides students with the basics of office work, preparing them for an entry-level career and the opportunity and foundation to move up in any business environment. Students will learn about basic computer applications like Outlook, Microsoft Office Applications, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, and Google Apps. We also cover accounting basics and teach the use of Quickbooks for bookkeeping.


This program also focuses on the soft skills needed to work in an office, including professionalism, verbal communication, and customer service. The externship provides the opportunity to practice all these skills in a hands-on, real-world environment.

Is It Difficult to Become an Electrician?

Getting started as an electrical technician is not difficult, but it does take dedication and hard work to make it a truly successful career. Electricians do not become licensed until they’ve completed thousands of hours of documented experience and hundreds of hours of classroom instruction. However, you can begin making money as an electrical apprentice in as few as ten months with training from a trade school like UEI College. From there, you can find a rewarding career and solid opportunities for advancement.


UEI provides students with all the support and resources they need to gain skills and get a foot in the door to becoming an electrician. Our flexible class schedule with classes offered day or evening makes it possible to receive this training while continuing to work or while earning your high school diploma.


Courses taught include:


BA110 Accounting Principles Students. This course teaches students basic accounting concepts and introduces them to Quickbooks, a common bookkeeping platform. Students will become familiar with invoicing, collections, cash receipts, financial statements, and balance sheets.


BA120 MS Excel Fundamentals. This course will teach students all about Excel. This program’s spreadsheets are often used to manage inventory, address lists, and mailing lists and to track expenses. Students will be taught the program’s functions, formulas and charts as well as how to troubleshoot common issues with spreadsheets.


BA130 Spreadsheets for Finance. This course will go into more detail about Microsoft Excel’s financial functionality. Students will also learn the difference between Google Sheets and Excel and how to run reports and automate accounting and financial tasks.


BA140 Business Applications. This course will help students become proficient in Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, and Google Apps. You’ll learn how to create documents and publications that meet professional standards.


BA150 Office Administration. This course will give students hands-on training with office equipment like multifunction printers, shredders, and projectors. Students will learn basic business functions and how to schedule and set up meetings, business travel, and office inventory.


BA160 Customer Service & Ethical Business Practices. This course will teach students best practices when it comes to customer service. Students will learn how to use Microsoft Outlook and practice strong written and verbal communication. We’ll also cover conflict resolution, problem-solving, and business etiquette.


BA170 Communication. Students will learn different communication styles and practice their skills through a group presentation. Students will learn how to use PowerPoint, Skype, and other applications to effectively communicate their point.


BA180 Externship. Externship is the final step of the Business Office Administration program. It is designed to put to practice all the concepts learned throughout the course in a real-world environment. We will help match you to a local business in the area that is willing to mentor our students and give them the additional training they need to find a successful career.


During your externship, you’ll have a chance to practice professionalism in your dress, written and verbal communication, phone skills, and office knowledge. The externship provides experience that you can add to your resume to let future employers know you have the skills they want.

Should You Become an Administrative Assistant?

If working in an office, getting to help people, and becoming an active part of a business sounds like an exciting career to you, then you should become an Administrative Assistant. As an Administrative Assistant, you will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of people in your co-workers and clients. You can feel satisfaction from helping them achieve their tasks and find solutions to problems. If you like to help people, you would be well-suited for this career.


Training to become an Administrative Assistant is also affordable and can be done in a short time. Starting your career in this field does not require a two- or four-year degree (and all the cost of attending a university); you can gain extremely valuable training in less than a year.


The skills developed as an Administrative Assistant can be transferred to a wide variety of careers. You may find opportunities to move up within a business or move to a new office with greater benefits.


Just like with any job, there are some cons to becoming an Administrative Assistant. The job’s roles and responsibilities may vary greatly from one organization to another. This means you need to learn a little bit of everything and be open to learning new skills too. As technology advances, new tools to make businesses run more efficiently are being introduced all the time, so there will always be something new to try.


The position also requires working with a wide variety of personalities and supporting them in their work or listening to complaints, which can sometimes be frustrating. You should be equipped to handle conflicts and ready to find solutions. If those items don’t concern you, then a career as an Administrative Assistant would be a gratifying fit.

What Should You Look For in a Business Office Administration Program?

Just like any business, different Business Office Administration Training Programs can vary greatly. You should take your time exploring different programs and finding the one that fits best for you.


Take a tour of several different programs. Prepare a list of questions ahead of time so you can get all your answers at once. Some questions to consider:


Do you prefer learning in person, or would an online program meet your needs? What are the class sizes? Does the class offer any hands-on experiences? Do you have transportation to get to class consistently, so you don’t miss anything?


Consider the class schedule. How often do you need to be on campus? Do you need a program that allows you to continue working while you pursue your education? Can you do assignments, quizzes, or tests remotely? Will the projects give you applicable experience to further your knowledge?


What is the experience like? Is the classroom time spent working hands-on? Is the staff friendly and willing to listen to your concerns? Are the teachers experienced? Do they offer any assistance finding a job after graduation?


Does the school offer any financial assistance? Can you apply for grants or scholarships? What is the total cost of tuition?


We invite you to take a tour of the Business Office Administration program at your local UEI College campus. Our Admissions staff will walk you through the process, take the time to answer your questions, and ensure our program is the best fit for a career you can be proud of.

Consider Enrolling in UEI’s Business Office Administration Program!

In UEI’s Business Office Administration Program, you can earn a diploma and gain the confidence you need to find an entry-level office position as soon as you graduate, and our ongoing enrollment means you can get started within the next month! Imagine a year from now working in a fast-paced business environment providing assistance to a team of professionals. You can make it happen with UEI.


Don’t have a high school diploma? That’s OK. We’ll work with you to earn your high school diploma and receive the professional training you need to transition to a worthwhile career.


Our staff can also assist you with applying for financial aid to help cover the cost of your schooling. Students may qualify for grants or scholarships that make beginning a new career affordable. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.


Our flexible schedule allows you to attend school in our morning or evening class schedules. You’ll be on campus twice a week and then participate in live lectures and online assignments during the week. Tutoring and mentoring assistance are available for students who need it.


UEI’s instructors have experience working in the field they are teaching about. They’re prepared to offer real-life examples of how the curriculum can be applied to the job you want.


At the end of your training, the support does not stop. We partner with local businesses to place you in an externship where you can apply what you’ve learned and develop real-world experience. Our Career Services Department will help you formulate a resume that will grab attention and showcase your knowledge.


What really sets UEI College apart is our compassionate staff. Our students come from all walks of life, and the staff at UEI are prepared to provide all the resources, training, and care that you need to find success in the Business Office Administration field.