What Does a Medical Assistant Wear?


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Medical assistants work on their feet or at a desk and are moving around often. It’s important in this role to wear the right attire to be on the move, and able to help wherever is necessary. Medical assistants also play a vital role in a healthcare facility, and the right outfit helps identify them as someone who works in the office. If you are considering a career as a medical assistant and are curious about what they wear daily, this article will contain everything you need to know. This post will explain what outfits medical assistants wear to work and school, as well as how medical assistants should conduct themselves at work or school.


If you're interested in training to become a Medical Assistant, you should consider enrolling in UEI College's Medical Assistant Program. The program is short-term, allowing you to earn a Medical Assistant Diploma in as few as 10 Months.

What Do Medical Assistants Wear at Work?

Medical Assistants usually wear scrubs to work. Scrubs are an outfit that includes a short-sleeved shirt and pants with a drawstring. Scrubs make it easy for medical assistants to perform the duties of their jobs.


The fabric is light and breathable and can be washed easily. Scrubs have pockets in the shirt and pants that make it easy to carry items as you are on the move. Some medical assistants may choose to wear a long sleeve shirt under their scrubs for extra warmth.


Some employers will provide scrubs, while others ask employees to get their own. Scrubs are easily found for sale online or at any uniform store.


The color of the scrubs may matter, depending on the office. Different colors symbolize different levels of training in most offices and hospital settings. Doctors and nurses also wear scrubs, so some offices like to have an easy way to differentiate between roles quickly for emergencies.


This same uniform is worn by Medical Assistant students at UEI College. This allows students to treat their time in class like being on the job and practicing hands-on skills without worrying about their outfits.

Why Do Medical Assistants Wear Scrubs?

Scrubs are a popular choice for medical professionals because they are simple, making it easier for medical assistants to work with their hands without getting in the way of them performing their work.


This simple outfit is commonly recognized by most people as the uniform of a medical professional who can offer assistance when needed. In an emergency situation, it’s easy to identify the person who may have the right training by the scrubs they are wearing.


Wearing scrubs also allows patients and visitors to the office to easily distinguish between those who are visiting and those providing care. When a medical assistant is wearing scrubs, it sends a message to patients that they can trust that person to prepare them for their exam, draw blood or administer vaccines.

What Do Medical Assistants Wear to School?

Different medical assistant training programs may have different uniform requirements, but at UEI College's Medical Assistant Program, students are required to wear scrubs to class. Our Medical Assistants Program is very hands-on, so being dressed for the part helps students see and experience what it may be like working in a medical facility. Students also get to practice drawing blood, giving vaccines, and performing tests. Scrubs are easy to move around in and easy to clean.

How Much Do Medical Assistant Scrubs Cost?

The price of medical scrubs varies from about $20 to $60 in some cases. The price difference doesn’t always reflect the quality so it’s important to read reviews and see the material in person if possible. You can find scrubs for sale on Amazon or at a local uniform shop. Be sure and ask your office for recommendations on the best place to get them to ensure they meet the office’s standards.


Even low-cost scrubs may be expensive for someone in an entry-level position. You may need three to five sets if you are scheduled to work every day. The important thing to remember is scrubs are specially designed to handle a lot of wear and to be washed after every use. The fabric needs to be high-quality to handle the use and quality is not cheap. Brands that offer wrinkle or fade-resistant fabric may cost even more.

Does the Color of Your Scrubs Matter and What Do the Different Colors Mean?

Some offices may not specify the color of scrubs that employees should wear, but many facilities, especially hospitals, have assigned specific colors. These colors help patients, and other medical professionals quickly identify a person’s role in the office.


Traditionally doctors wear dark or royal blue. Surgeons usually wear teal or turquoise scrubs. Nurses in the past have worn white scrubs, but that has changed in recent years because it is difficult to remove stains. Medical assistants don’t have a set color to wear, but generally, it’s important to wear a different color than doctors, surgeons, and nurses. Purple, maroon, or grey are all popular choices.


Be sure and check with your employer or school before purchasing a uniform.

What Type of Shoes Do Medical Assistants Wear?

Medical assistants need to wear close-toed shoes that are comfortable to move around in. There are specialty medical or nursing shoes you can purchase but most employers just expect tennis shoes or athletic shoes.


Some medical assistants work sitting at the front desk all day, but most medical assistants are up and moving around all day. You should choose shoes that are comfortable, stable, and slip-resistant.


Some employers may specify the types of shoes they would like the people working in their office to wear so be sure and check with your school or employer before buying your scrubs.

Can Medical Assistants Wear Jewelry?

Medical assistants may be allowed to wear some jewelry, but a good rule of thumb is less is more. You do not want any chains or diamonds getting in the way of your work when you are dealing with patients. Being a medical assistant is very hands-on work, so you want your hands to be as free as possible. The same goes for piercings. In general, small piercings may be permitted, but the smaller or fewer, the better.

Can Medical Assistants Have Long Nails?

Germs and dirt are more likely to get trapped under long nails, especially temporary nails. It’s never a good idea to have artificial nails on when working in a healthcare facility. The dirt and germs trapped under nails can also spread infection. For this reason, the CDC has said healthcare personnel, including medical assistants, should not wear artificial nails or allow their natural nails to grow longer than a quarter of an inch long.

How Should Medical Assistants Conduct Themselves?

Medical assistants have an important role in a healthcare facility, and they should always conduct themselves in a professional manner. Professionalism includes not only how you speak and treat people but also how you dress.


No one likes to experience health problems or be forced to visit a healthcare facility for treatment. They may be dealing with issues that have them feeling anxious about the future. It’s important that everyone they come in contact with, including the medical assistant scheduling their appointment or preparing them for their exam, is compassionate and professional. As a medical assistant, you are part of the medical team, and your treatment of patients reflects back on the physician.


For safety reasons and the comfort of the patient, it is important for medical assistants to be wearing the correct uniform while on the clock. This helps patients identify themselves as part of the medical staff. Scrubs also allow medical assistants to move freely and perform their activities without any distractions from their outfits.

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