Work from Home

It is possible to find medical billing and coding jobs that allow you the freedom to work from home. Given that billing and coding are primarily conducted via computer software, so long as you have access to this within your home, you can freelance and hire out your services to local or national clients. This way you can even build your own medical coding and billing business whereby you employ other coders to work with you. You could also have the opportunity to work from home if you find an employer who allows you to work from home as part of the contracted job.

Insurance Agencies

Medical coders who work for insurance agencies oversee patient claims by verifying their accuracy against hospital records. It is important that any medical coder within this industry has a strong understanding of code, a very good eye for detail, and an ability to spot errors as they occur.

Medical Offices

Medical coders and billers are critical components to any medical or doctor’s office. They ensure that all of the patient data and procedure information is accurately translated into hospital code in order to ensure efficient documentation. The position requires critical thinking, accuracy, a willingness to learn new codes as they emerge, and a deep understanding of insurance claims.

Law Firms

Law firms are needed to tackle and investigate cases where billing fraud may have been committed. Billing fraud occurs when inaccurate claims have been made about patient care or procedures. An expert knowledge of Medicaid laws and regulations is a necessity in the medical law industry.

Government Jobs

Government medical coding careers could include working for agencies such as the National Center for Health Statistics or state Medicaid departments. The daily job duties include assigning codes, monitoring information, and reviewing all incoming claims codes. Government agencies also offer the opportunity to work on assignments that can have the ability to affect the healthcare industry across the nation. There’s one other huge benefit to this type of medical billing and coding career. According to a study by the American Association of Professional Coders, government positions are some of the highest paying in the field.


The next generation of medical coders and billers need someone to show them the ropes. That’s the role of an educational medical coder. To gain a position like this, it’s best you’re a seasoned coder with plenty of hands-on experience across the field. You can also obtain additional certificates in teaching to add to your portfolio of skills to make you a little more employable. 

Service Management Companies

Many IT companies create software to help healthcare providers streamline their medical billing and coding processes. Certain technical companies also offer auditing services, to locate any errors in a clinic or hospital. Medical coders play a critical role within companies like these. Responsibilities include conducting audits and reviews, and some may even teach a class to demonstrate to healthcare professionals how to avoid coding errors in the future.

 Medical billing and coding plays a critical role within the healthcare industry. But you don’t necessarily have to sit in a busy hospital to be able to fulfill the job role. It is entirely possible to work within policy development for a government agency, or, if you prefer, to work from home and set up your own coding business. Whatever direction you choose, you can be sure that the entire industry is set to grow over the next ten years, creating more job opportunities than ever before.

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