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UEI Expands Electrician Technician Program in Response to Urgent Demand

There is growing demand for electrical workers in California and UEI College expanding its Electrical Technician training program in response

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UEI Student Silences her Doubts to Follow her Dream

Kathy and her fiancée both attended UEI College and she says her children’s future was a big motivator for them both to succeed

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UEI College Opening New Campus Location in Reseda

UEI College is opening a new campus location in Reseda, California. The new location will open on October 3, 2022

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From Convict to Valedictorian, UEI College Helps Student Achieve

Joseph transformed his life through HVAC education at UEI College in Encino, going from former prison inmate to Valedictorian of his class

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Encino MBIC Student Found Motivation Through Tribulations

Carmen turned the sorrow of losing her mother at a young age into motivation for pursuing education at UEI College in Encino.

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