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Leap of Faith to Become a Medical Assistant Helps Build a Community for Single Mom

Tammara finds fulfillment in helping others and is determined to be financially independent, so she turned to UEI College for training.

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Dental Assistant Students Finds the Confidence to Be Strong

Natasha was able to overcome a number of obstacles to finish the dental assistant program at UEI College in Garden Grove

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UEI Expands Electrician Technician Program in Response to Urgent Demand

There is growing demand for electrical workers in California and UEI College expanding its Electrical Technician training program in response

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HVAC Student Learns to Keep Moving Forward

Diante decided to make a life change and enrolled in the HVAC program at UEI College in Garden Grove, where he really shined

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Garden Grove Valedictorian Shares Deeply Personal Motivation to Succeed

Roger was the class Valedictorian at UEI College in Garden Grove and shared his motivation for pursuing a career in health care

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