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Career Opportunities for Those with an Information Technology Degree

Career Opportunities for Those with an Information Technology Degree - UEI College

If you’re pursuing an education in Information Technology and are curious about the many career paths you could take, there are many different areas you can venture into. Depending on whether you’re interested in diagnostics, engineering, data analysis, or prefer a career where you can engage in some customer service, there are many choices out there to explore. Here are a few to consider.

Computer System Analysts

Computer systems analysts are in charge of integrating data analysis and business management, understanding how automated systems can be utilized to solve complex business problems, delivering IT support for business users, and recommending particular software and hardware to meet business objectives. There is an estimated 25 percent growth in positions as a computer systems analysts between now and 2022, so it is a good career to pursue if your interests are in the area.

Tech support

Technical support specialists solve a range of problems for business customers or consumers. This can involve monitoring and maintaining workplace technology and looking into requests received by users, sometimes doing something as simple as resetting a password, and sometimes delving into a far more complicated software issue. This is a particularly good job for graduates, with many career prospects following.

Network Systems Administrator

A network systems administrator is responsible for installing and supporting an organization’s network system. They monitor network and website functions, and perform data backups and recovery procedures.

Network Engineer

Network engineering is a demanding and rewarding IT career. It involves setting up and maintaining communication systems, managing local area networks, and taking responsibility for data storage and security. It is a highly technical role and you’ll gain many skills and certifications as you progress. A telecom or computer science-related degree is usually required.

Top Employers

The IT industry itself employs the most information technology workers, but this is closely followed by the finance and insurance industry, as well as government and manufacturing. A review of reports published by Dice Holdings Inc., Forbes, and Fortune indicate that some of the top employers who were seeking IT professionals in 2015 included Capital One, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

There are a wide range of industries and jobs an IT professional can explore, many of which are set to rise in popularity and demand over the next ten years. Whether you want to design unique application software, advise managers on their processes, or even teach other IT professionals, there is an information technology career for you.

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