As our UEI College campuses transition to online distance learning due to COVID-19, we are navigating through a new type of hands-on learning. Whether you are new to distance learning or you have done it before, it can be a challenge. Attending classes in person is much different than sitting at home in front of a computer navigating your way through your classes. As an online learner, you will need to discipline yourself and take initiative to ensure that your coursework is done on time.

At UEI College, we understand that the transition from the classroom to online can be one that brings about anxiety, fear, and worry. We are here to help you along the way. Below, you will find several tips to help you get started with our distance learning programs.

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1. Create a Plan for Yourself and Make It Realistic

As we mentioned briefly above, you are responsible for making sure your work is completed and turned in on time. You should take time BEFORE the online classes start and create a plan for yourself and make it realistic.

2. Learn the Course Format

Distance learning is an adjustment for everyone, and no one expects you to know how to navigate throughout the entire course on the first day, or even the first week. It is a good idea though for you to get into the course and familiarize yourself with the format and setup. If you are completely new to distance learning, our instructors are here to answer any questions you have so you can be successful in your program.

3. Set Study Goals for Yourself

Yes, there is a lot of information and you will find that you may be required to interact with your classmates, just like you would in the lab and classroom. As you start to get familiar with the way your program is set up for distance learning, take time to create some study goals for yourself. Identify the due dates and test dates then schedule your study time around those.

Students who take time to prepare are much more motivated and successful in their courses than students who just tackle the course as they find time.

4. Technology Is Your Friend

One of the nice things about distance learning is that you will be exposed to several types of technology to assist you in completing your coursework. If you are not too savvy with the computer or technology, you do not have to worry as there are always tutorials to guide you.

Some of the technology you may use include interactive discussion boards, video conferencing, voice or camera features, and similar.

5. Ask Your Instructor for Help

Never find yourself afraid to ask your instructor for help. We were once in your shoes too. As we just mentioned above, distance learning can be difficult, and our instructors get it. They are there to help you and will provide you with the support you need – just ask for it.

Together We Can Make Distance Learning at UEI College Successful

UEI College is proud to have you as a student and we know that transitioning into online learning can be challenging. Our team is here to help you throughout the process, and we believe that the above tips will help you get started and prepared. Your education is important to us and if you have any questions or need help with distance learning, please reach out to us today!

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