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Faculty Spotlight: Teaching the Skills to Make Students Successful

Ms. Decanio not only teaches DA, but also empowers students to overcome personal struggles, providing a safe haven for learning and growth

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Pregnant Student Found Her Purpose in the Medical Field

Adela was determined to finish the Medical Assistant training program, even after she learned that she was pregnant when starting at UEI

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Criminal Justice Student Leaves Addiction Behind for Her Children

After giving up on college due to challenges in her life, Adriana turned to UEI College in Fresno for a new start.

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Army Veteran Finds Rewarding Career

Alexander discovered a passion for helping others and completed the Medical Assistant training program at UEI College in Fresno

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Fresno Student Uses Education to Deal With Grief

Lydia turned to UEI College when to continue her education as a way to deal with the grief of losing her mother. Now, she is a proud graduate

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