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Becoming a Single Mom Inspired a Medical Assistant’s Career

Nathalie’s experience with delivering her daughter also gave birth to aspirations to pursue a career in the medical field

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Pretty Skilled: HVAC Student Discovers an Exciting New Career Path

Eager for a new challenge, Aimee embraced the opportunity to learn hands-on skills in the HVAC program at UEI College in Ontario

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Navy Veteran and HVAC Grad Gives 100 Percent

When Vincent wanted to make a change, he decided to train for a career as an HVAC technician at UEI College in Ontario

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HVAC Provides a New Opportunity for Migrant Student

Jonathan turned to UEI College in Ontario for training to become an HVAC technician and launch a new career after coming to the US from Mexico

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Learning a Trade Provided a Needed Life Change

Andrew turned to education at UEI College to make a major life change after years of a troubling past that included serving time in prison

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