Mayra found purpose and support in completing the Medical Office Specialist program at UEI College in Huntington Park

From Uncertainty to Success with UEI College

After having her first child, years of uncertainty around a career path suddenly became more real for Mayra Ochoa.

“It was time to make a difference,” she said. “It was time to put my grownup pants on. I went back to school for my daughter to show her it’s never too late to go back to school and make your dreams come true and make a difference.”

With a quick search she found UEI College in Huntington Park and was drawn to the Medical Office Specialist program.

“I liked it because you learn a little bit about medical and dental. I have options to go either the dental way or the medical way,” she said. “I liked that this program opened doors to multiple fields. It seemed like it would offer a lot of opportunities. I also liked that UEI offered a lot of career help.”

Mayra had attended a different trade program, and even graduated, but once she was on her own, she felt lost trying to build a resume and find work. UEI was different.

“The best part was that you always had someone there guiding you and helping you out. You are not left alone. There was always someone there to help you with any questions whether it was for school, your externship, scholarships, school payments. They explain everything so well, so you have a clear picture.”

On the first day of classes, Mayra almost gave up. The support kept her coming back.

“My first day, when I went in, everybody in there looked younger and I felt out of place but then I spoke to my instructor, Mrs. Minero. She broke it down for me, made me feel comfortable, and told me that I was not the oldest one in there,” she said. “She held my hand through the whole process. She still does that for me. They have always been there to help. It’s so different compared to anything I experienced at different schools.”

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In time, Mayra became a part of that same support system for other students.

“The instructor stated she started the program herself being very quiet and shy. She would double think about everything in the class,” said Brendalyth Alvarez, Associate Director of Student Affairs. “After three modules, Mrs. Minero challenged her to become her class ambassador and she outshined herself. She started being more engaging with the students. Mayra came out of her comfort zone of being that quiet and shy student to network with other students. Mayra was always focused on her goal.”

Mayra was able to graduate and begin a new job right away. Her goal now is to continue working and building a strong future for her daughter. For anyone in a similar position, Mayra suggests moving forward.

“It’s a dream you can do,” she said. “With UEI you’re not left alone. You have someone guiding you through the whole process.”

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