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From Uncertainty to Success with UEI College

Mayra found purpose and support in completing the Medical Office Specialist program at UEI College in Huntington Park

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Do It for Yourself: Medical Assistant Student Learns to Strive for Her Own Future

Cynthia’s pursuit of education not only transformed her life but also left a lasting impact on her daughter

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Dental Student Puts Fears Aside to Pursue Passion

Elizabeth decided to make a change for her future and found the Dental Assistant program at UEI College in Huntington Park

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HVAC Training Provides Career To Be Proud Of

Jorge is a single father who decided that he wanted to go back to school to earn a high school diploma and learn a skilled trade.

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HVAC Provides a Second Chance at a Career to be Proud of

Brandon turned to UEI for HVAC training so that he could start a new career after facing some person obstacles in his life

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