Pros and Cons of Working in a Hospital as a Medical Assistant

Pros and Cons of Working in a Hospital as a Medical Assistant - UEI College

Becoming a medical assistant can be a viable career choice if you are personable and like to help people. Plus, medical assistants are in high demand whether it’s in a physician’s office, chiropractor, senior care facility, etc. However, the most active and common facilities people go to when they need immediate care is a hospital, which means that they in turn need employees to help manage the patients and assist them in getting better.

However, while medical assistants are in high demand, it’s not exactly an easy job (especially in a hospital). Therefore, before starting a career in Medical Assisting, it’s worth it to take a look at the pros and cons of pursuing a job in this field:


Stability, a decent salary, and plenty of work are just some of the reasons why people like to become medical assistants. Here are some other examples:

  • It’s rewarding: When working in a hospital as a medical assistant, you are directly helping improve the quality of people’s lives.
  • There is always work to do: Unfortunately, there are always emergencies and people needing immediate help, but fortunately for you, hospital medical assistants are always in high demand which means that this type of job offers greater job security.
  • Good salary and benefits: Along with hospitals always needing medical assistants, healthcare benefits are usually included for an employee depending on the facility you work in.
  • There’s never a dull moment: There is always something going on and someone who needs you, which makes for a fast-paced, stimulating environment.


However, being a medical assistant isn’t all roses. Here are some reasons why people dislike this kind of role at a hospital:

  • You’re always around sick people: While many hospitals try to maintain a sterile environment, there is also a high number of germs floating around which means you must be extra careful with sanitation.
  • You’re dealing with all sorts of people: Working in a hospital means that you’ll be exposed to all types of personalities, whether it’s the doctors, nurses, or patients. Some of the patients who may be drunk, angry, or volatile. That’s why you must be on guard and prepared to handle any type of situation that may walk through the door.
  • Parking can be an issue: Since the closest parking spots to the hospital are usually reserved for patients, you may have to walk a bit further to get to work- and then you’ll be running around a lot when you’re on the job.
  • There’s never a dull moment: Once again, most hospitals are open 24/7 and there’s always something to do, so if you’re the type of person who can’t handle constant commotion and the stress of dealing with emergencies, then a hospital job may not be for you.


It’s true that being a medical assistant in a hospital is demanding work, but also very rewarding. And with more than 10,000 hospitals nationwide admitting more than 71 million patients per year, there will always be plenty of jobs available and people to help.


UEI College has campuses in California, Arizona, and Georgia that offer training programs in order to prepare one for an entry-level position as a medical assistant. Students learn a variety of skills in anatomy, physiology, office administration, and diagnostic imaging. Interested in becoming a medical assistant? Learn more and request some information today!

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