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UEI College in Encino Campus’ Students Are Dedicated to Community Service!

Students, Families, and Staff of UEI College Participated in Numerous Community Events in April 2019

Encino—05/06/2019 — UEI College Encino campus has always gone above and beyond to help out their San Fernando Valley community. Throughout the month of April, over 65 UEI College EncinoCampus staff, students, and their families participated in 5 community-based charity events including the most recent event on April 30th where over half of their students participated.

“Our culture revolves around the ability to help our students achieve the highest possible success,” says Jackie Azizyan, Senior Campus President. “Student success is our success, their hardships are our hardships and their happiness is our happiness. This mentality brings us closer with our community, resulting in the best outcome for our college and for our students.”


From April 10th-18th, students, staff, and family members participated in a variety of community outreach projects. On April 10th, students and staff members experienced the Poverty Encounter Exhibit held at the Children’s Hunger Fund in Sylmar, California. The Children’s Hunger Fund has provided food for our campus’s Food Pantry through a local church, Arleta Assembly of God. UEI College Encino has partnered with both organizations since 2018.

After participating in the interactive exhibit, our students and staff volunteered to help pack food items for community members in-need. This experience impacted students and staff alike, with some of them stating, “I was emotionally drained to see all the poverty in the world and here at home, but also excited to help those in need, cause we’ve all been there” and “I am so happy, UEI provided me with this experience, it really opened my eyes to what poverty is.”

The Poverty Encounter Exhibit is open to the public and is located at 13931 Balboa Blvd. in Sylmar. If you would like to learn more, please visit the Poverty Encounter website.

On April 13th, UEI College Encino students, staff, and their families joined 2 separate community clean-up activities. They volunteered at the Encino Chamber of Commerce Paint the Balboa Bridge Community Event and the Friends of LA RIVER Clean Up Campaign. Finally, on April 18th, over 50 UEI College Encino Campus students signed up to donate blood at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles/UEI College Encino Blood Drive.

On April 30th, 2019 UEI College Encino Campus hosted its 3rd annual Be the Match event, where more than 50% of the student body submitted a swab to see if they are a match for a patient in need.

UEI College in Encino is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuous Education and Training (ACCET). UEI provides timely short-term career education programs in high-demand marketplace verticals such as healthcare, business, technology, trades, transportation, and criminal justice. From help with finding the right career path to help with finding employment after they graduate, UEI is committed to being every students’ partner in success.

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