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4 Careers for Business Office Administration Professionals

4 Careers for Business Office Administration Professionals - UEI College

A business office administration program opens the door to a number of entry-level career opportunities for driven people interested in learning and using critical business skills, and preparing to be the leaders of tomorrow. Businesses need these individuals to function at their best and run at peak performance, across all industries. 

UEI’s Business Office Administration Program prepares students for some of the most highly-sought after positions offering job security, responsibility, and diverse workplaces, all in just 10 months. Below are five common of the most common business office administration careers, with a brief overview of the type of work performed by each.


Often considered the “face” of an organization, receptionists are often the first point of contact, managing the front office, greeting clients and visitors, directing calls, mail, and email. The position requires strong communication and customer services skills, as well as the organizational skills to handle the many responsibilities of the position including managing appointments, data entry, scheduling, filing, correspondence, and providing administrative support.


Like receptionists, administrative assistants perform a wide variety of tasks for their organization. In addition to administrative tasks like filing, sorting mail, answering phones and other general office responsibilities, these individuals may also organize and manage events, book travel, administer basic bookkeeping, and oversee projects. They might be asked to create reports, presentations, and spreadsheets. Administrative Assistants need typing, business writing, word processing and desktop publishing skills.


Office assistants, like administrative assistants, perform many of the essential tasks that keep a business running, day-to-day such as managing the front office, handling calls and messages, emails, and basic record-keeping. They will manage records, handle supply inventories, coordinate with departments to oversee policies and schedules, and respond to requests or issues. Office Assistants must be able to work independently, manage multiple things simultaneously, and have good interpersonal and communication skills.


Ensuring that office operations run smoothly, the Office Coordinator oversees functions such as front desk management, clerical tasks, answering phones, tracking office supply inventory, and scheduling meetings and appointments. These individuals also plan executive travel, arrange conference calls and meetings, keep track of meeting minutes, and assist with office workflow improvement. Office Coordinators require strong communication and customer service skills, are good communicators, are organized and detail-oriented, and possess strong computer skills.

If you are interested in pursuing any of the above careers, consider the Business Office Administration Program at UEI. Our students get hands-on, real-world training to supplement their classroom education. Students receive a firm foundation in the Microsoft Office Suite of programs, as well as familiarity with key business skills like marketing, human resources, customer service, accounting, communication, and organization.

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