Gregg Falcon rolled up his sleeves and joined the Electrician Technician students in their weekend classes to learn more about the program.

West Covina Campus President Sparks Student Interest by Joining Class

The Electrician Technician (ET) students at UEI College in West Covina were surprised to see a new classmate in their Saturday and Sunday morning classes. Campus President Gregg Falcon, who recently took the role as the campus leader, decided to participate in the weekend class to learn more about the program.

“I have been working in career schools for more than 30 years, but I have never had an electrician technician program in one of my campuses,” he said. “I realize the only way to fully support our instructors, students, and West Covina employers is to start learning the basic of the trade.”

During the first weekend, Mr. Falcon learned basic terminology of the class, including offset, pipe bender, raceway, J box, reamer, conduit, 90-degree bend, etc. After observing classes during the first weekend, Mr. Falcon turned to the same students the following weekend. The students and faculty of the introductory class showed him how to put those basic terms into a full lab assignment.

 “I helped Mr. Falcon secure a J Box and make sure it is level,” said ET Mario Vera.

“It was a nice experience to teach someone much older than me. I helped Mr. Falcon do 90 degree pends and offsets. It was good to see our Campus President getting hands-on with the students,” said student Garrette George.

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 “I showed Mr. Falcon how to do back-to-back 90-degree bends on a run with two J-Boxes. He asked a lot of detailed questions as he was trying to learn the basics,” said student Garrette George.

“I helped Mr. Falcon run wire through the conduit and it was cool because for that day he was just like one of the students,” said student Steven Stillwell.

“UEI College’s Electrician Technician program is a timely answer to a critical need,” Mr. Falcon said. “The program gets committed students up to speed, following an industry-recognized, hands-on curriculum that focuses on the skills that matter most to employers. In as few as 10 months, students will develop the skills and get the tools needed to work effectively in the electrician field.”

The Electrician Technician training program prepares students for entry-level jobs in the residential, commercial, or industrial fields.

“After the program, students should be trained and confident, ready to tackle whatever challenges come their way,” Mr. Falcon added.

The class day ended as Mr. Falcon thanked Mr. Marin’s Electrician Technician class for helping him gain a better understanding of their future industry. When the students left, Mr. Falcon asked for a grade on his first-time work. Mr. Marin said “I would give you a 78, C+ on this project.  Not bad for a first timer. If you complete this lab another couple of times you will get to an 85 or higher since you are more familiar with the concepts.”

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