How to Prepare for Dental Assisting School?


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Dental Assistants are needed across the country in all types of dental offices to help ensure the best patient experience. They help with front-office and back-office tasks that keep the office running in a timely and safe manner. With so many responsibilities, proper training through an accredited program is a must.

If you want to become a Dental Assistant, consider enrolling in UEI College's Dental Assistant School. Our Dental Assistant Program is short-term and can be completed in less than a year!

How to Prepare for Dental Assistant School?

The first step to preparing for a rewarding career as a Dental Assistant is finding the right training program to give you the hands-on experience you need. You should ask yourself a few questions when looking into the different programs available:


What are the costs, and what assistance is available to help cover the costs?

The cost of programs can vary greatly. Be sure and ask what is included in the cost. Does it include your uniform and all materials? Does the school offer any grants or scholarships to help students pay for the program? What’s the process like to pay back any student loans you might need?


How long does it take?

You could attend a two-year program and receive an associate’s degree in dental assisting, but many programs have condensed the training down to less than a year. Be sure and ask how big of a time commitment the program is. How much of that time is spent hands-on, and how much is spent online? Does the school offer classes at different times, like day and evening, so you can continue to work while you attend school?


What assistance is available to find employment at the end of the program?

A good Dental Assistant program should include plenty of hands-on learning experiences and an externship opportunity, working in your community in an actual dental office. Will the school help you find that opportunity? Do they have support to help with resume writing and interview skills?


What are the prerequisites for dental assistant school?

Most programs require a high school diploma to get started, but some schools, like UEI College, can help you earn your high school diploma while you are in your Dental Assistant program.


Once you’ve found the right program for you, there are other things you can do to prepare for your first day of dental assistant school.


Get plenty of rest.

This tip is so simple, but it’s easy to overlook the effect of a good night’s rest. Make sure you go to bed early the night before class so you can be alert throughout the next day’s lesson.


Eat before class.

Your brain cannot function without fuel. So whether you’re taking courses in the morning or evening, be sure and eat something beforehand. Choose a healthy snack that will provide sustainable energy and won’t make you crash halfway through your class.


Wear the proper uniform.

Dental Assistants are often working on their feet. So when you come to class, come prepared in scrubs that allow you to move freely and close-toed shoes that are comfortable for walking.


Take notes.

Writing down physical notes can help etch the lessons into your brain. Dental Assistants have a wide variety of responsibilities around the office. When it comes time to receive your certification, you’ll be grateful you can go back and review all the information that was covered in your program.


Ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! This is your time to learn, so take advantage of that.


Stay on top of your assignments.

The best way to ensure success is not to fall behind. Keep track of any assignments due carefully, and do your best to turn them in early.

Why Become a Dental Assistant?

Hands-on patient care: If you enjoy working directly with people and making a positive impact on their oral health, becoming a dental assistant can provide you with the opportunity to have hands-on patient care. You will work closely with dentists and hygienists, assisting them during procedures and providing chairside support to patients.


Growing opportunities: The field of dental assisting is expected to have strong job growth in the coming years. As oral health becomes increasingly recognized as an essential component of overall health, the demand for dental assistants continues to rise.


Quick entry into the workforce: Compared to many other healthcare professions, dental assisting programs are often shorter in duration. This means you can complete your training relatively quickly and enter the workforce sooner. It's an ideal option for those who wish to start their careers promptly.


Versatile responsibilities: Dental assistants have diverse responsibilities within a dental office. You will engage in various tasks such as patient intake, scheduling, instrument sterilization, dental X-rays, and assisting with laboratory procedures. This variety keeps the work interesting and allows for professional growth.


Continuing education and specialization: While dental assisting can be a rewarding career on its own, it can also serve as a stepping stone to further education and specialization if desired. As you gain experience, you can pursue additional certifications or advanced training in specialized areas of dentistry. This can open up new opportunities and enhance your skills and knowledge.


Impact on oral health: By becoming a dental assistant, you will play a vital role in promoting oral health and helping patients maintain healthy smiles. Your work will contribute to preventing dental problems, educating patients about oral hygiene practices, and providing support and comfort during dental procedures. Making a positive impact on people's oral health can be fulfilling and rewarding.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Dental Assistant?

You can attend the Dental Assistant Training Program at UEI College and enter a new career in less than 10 months. Our courses are completed on a hybrid schedule of online lectures and in-person, hands-on labs. We offer classes during the day or evening to meet your needs and may be able to help you get your high school diploma as well.

How to Become a Dental Assistant?

Becoming a dental assistant may be easier than you think. Training to become a dental assistant can take as few as ten months. However, to enroll in UEI College's Dental Assistant Program, you must have a high school diploma.


For more details on how to become a dental assistant, Learn How to Become a Dental Assistant.

Become a Dental Assistant With UEI College

UEI College's Dental Assistant Program has everything you need to jump into a new career in less than a year. We offer flexible schedules for students with online learning and in-person hands-on experiences in the morning or evening. Our experienced instructors will walk you through each module, ensuring your success during your externship. If you are looking for a dental assistant school that will prepare you for a long-term career in the dental field, we invite you to take a tour of our campus today.


Learn How to Become a Dental Assistant!