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5 Exciting Reasons to Become an Automotive Technician

With more than 276 million cars on U.S. roads—and that number only expected to rise—the auto industry needs highly trained technicians to keep those cars running. For this reason, automotive technicians continue to be in demand to maintain and repair cars while preparing for future automotive developments.

While availability and demand are motivating reasons to pursue a career as an automotive technician, there are also many other great benefits to turning your interest in cars and car care into a career in the field.


Auto technicians encounter new challenges every single day. Professionals in the field may work on the engine one day, and the brake system the next. And the general skills learned both in training and on the job will apply anywhere that there are cars: fleet management, garages, dealerships, and anywhere else that hires automotive technicians to care for their vehicles.


Students interested in pursuing a career as an automotive technician will be able to enter the field quickly. Many employers prefer to hire entry-level professionals who have completed a training program like UEI College’s Auto Mechanic Training Program. In this example, students will receive the tools and techniques for a successful career including hands-on training in a shop environment in as few as 10 months.


A good automotive technician is always in need. Many people keep their cars for many years because they are expensive to replace, making it necessary to have well-trained experts available to repair and care for their cars. In an age where many people worry about the future of their job, automotive technicians seem to be in demand and will continue to be in demand as more and more cars hit the roads.


Ambitious auto technicians will find many opportunities to advance their careers. From earning more certifications that allow them to perform more complicated work or becoming a Master Mechanic, to transitioning to customer service and using the wealth of knowledge earned on-the-job to help others. Professionals in the field can work their way up through hard work at a dealership or service center to the management track, and many even open their own shops or dealerships.


Finally—and most importantly—the most rewarding jobs are those that we are passionate about pursuing. For someone who is good with their hands, who likes to solve problems or puzzles, and who loves cars, becoming an automotive technician is a perfect career path. When you love your job, it is exciting to keep learning, to put in time and effort, and to challenge yourself.

If becoming an automotive technician sounds attractive and rewarding to you, consider UEI’s Automotive Technician Program, where you will learn the basic and advanced skills, the theory and practical training, and the preparation you will need for a career in the field.

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