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Dental Assistant Students Finds the Confidence to Be Strong

Natasha was able to overcome a number of obstacles to finish the dental assistant program at UEI College in Garden Grove

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Never Too Late: DA Student Perseveres Through Challenges and Tragedy

Brenda discovered a real passion for the dental field at UEI College, where she overcame obstacles to become a dental assistant

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DA Instructor Teaches Students to Remember Their Humble Beginnings

Kathleen is a Dental Assistant Instructor at UEI College in Riverside who is passionate about student success

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Making a Difference One Smile at a Time

Kyrsten graduated as the Valedictorian at UEI College in Phoenix and hired as a traveling dental assistant after her externship

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Dental Student Puts Fears Aside to Pursue Passion

Elizabeth decided to make a change for her future and found the Dental Assistant program at UEI College in Huntington Park

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