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My Story – Meet Jennifer, a Pharmacy Technician Graduate

At UEI College, every student’s experience matters. Our students get the training they need to change their lives, and our faculty and staff support them every step along the way. UEI students can transform their futures, just like Jennifer V. did when she enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program at our Bakersfield campus. Check out her story below, and see how UEI College can help you reach your goals and prepare for a career that will make you proud.


When I was 19 years old I found out I was pregnant. I knew I wanted to give my baby a better life, so that’s when I decided to go back to school and chose to attend UEI College.

The doctor told me that I couldn’t continue working in the field with my mother if I wanted to have a healthy pregnancy. I stayed home for about two weeks, exploring what I wanted to do and looking at different schools. I went on the UEI website and really liked what I saw, so I made an appointment to visit the Bakersfield campus. After talking with the representative, I knew it was time to go back to school and UEI was the right place for me.

Honestly, I was scared about making such a big decision. I wouldn’t know anyone, and I was worried about making it to school every day while also dealing with nausea and other pregnancy symptoms. I’m happy to say, though, that I got the best teacher on campus, Mrs. Howell. Thanks to her I made it to class as much as I could. She really motivated me! She would tell me, “you have to hold that baby in, all the way to the end.” I almost made it! We had just two days left in the module when my baby decided it was time. I managed to finish the school day but I went straight to the hospital right after, and my baby was born a little later.

My doctor suggested I stay home for a month after, so Mrs. Howell helped me make up my last module when I went back to school. It went so fast! The next thing I knew, graduation was here, and UEI has spent every week since then helping me search for a job. I’ll admit, sometimes I wanted to give up, but I kept my hopes up and today I got the call that I was hired! I am so happy to have received that call—it means that starting tomorrow my baby and I will have a better future. Thank you, UEI.

When Jennifer found out that she had been hired at her new job, she emailed a special thank you to Bakersfield campus president Christopher Callisto expressing her happiness and talking about her experience at UEI College. Mr. Callisto responded by sharing the message with UEI staff and faculty, adding a personal note, “Today started as one of those “Monday Morning Opportunities” kind of days. I opened my email and a young lady had sent me this letter detailing how UEI has changed her life. Please read, especially if you’re having an opportunity-filled day yourself!”

We recognize the strength and discipline it took Jennifer to show up for class every day when already facing such enormous change. Our team at UEI Bakersfield made sure that they did everything possible to let Jennifer know how much they respected her and her goals of building a better future for herself and her baby. Congratulations, Jennifer! We knew you could do it.

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