UEI Morrow Introduces New Automotive Technician Program to Prepare Students for Entry-Level Positions

UEI Morrow Introduces New Automotive Technician Program to Prepare Students for Entry-Level Positions - UEI College

The automotive world is growing: from the popularity of alternative-fuel vehicles and the retirement of a significant percentage of the Boomer workforce to the affordability and availability of mid-price-range cars, opportunities for driven, experienced, and eager automotive technicians are in high demand. Reporting indicates a shortage of entry-level automotive technicians ready to  face the demand at dealerships, body shops, and other areas of the auto industry, while the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs for service technicians and mechanics will keep pace with overall occupational growth throughout the U.S.

To meet this demand, UEI Morrow has launched the all-new Automotive Technician vocational training program, designed for students who love cars and want to progress to working with them. Through a combination of diagnostics and repair training, exposure to both basic and advanced skills and techniques, and hands-on application of skills in a shop environment, students will quickly learn to bring value to automotive shops. In this training program, students will build the foundation they need to pursue positions as a service technician, mechanic, maintenance technician, alternative fuels technician, or many other career positions.

The Automotive Technician program is student-focused, providing learners with a unique experience. While studying with professionals from the automotive field, students will be encouraged to dive in and experiment, learning from their own practice in UEI’s automotive labs. 

Career training at UEI Morrow could set up Automotive Technician students for the career of their dreams. The campus is welcoming, and well-equipped, and features hands-on training to ensure that students receive the attention they need to succeed. As with all International Education Corporation schools, UEI’s faculty and staff are committed to providing students with support to encourage mastery of the skills learned in class.

UEI’s Automotive Technician program is now open to new students.

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