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Inspired to Serve

This is Karla’s remarkable story of resilience and determination as she battled cancer, then returned to complete the MA program at UEI

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Medical Assistant Student Perseveres Through Graduation

Jennifer’s inspiring journey from homelessness to honors as she navigated her Medical Assistant training at UEI College in Stockton

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Medical Assistant Student Finds a Way to Change Her Outlook

Dela found success in the Medical Assistant program at UEI College in Stockton and is now working to help other UEI students

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UEI College in the News: Stockton

UEI College in Stockton recently launched a new Electrician Technician program that was featured in this local news report.

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UEI College Students Learn From ‘The Lisa Project’ in Stockton

Medical Assistant students at UEI College learn from a valuable experience visiting The Lisa Project in Stockton

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