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Responsibilities of a Medical Assistant

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One of the most popular job choices in the healthcare field is a medical assistant. This job is ideal for individuals who want to be an integral part of the healthcare field while earning a decent salary and working towards growth within the office they are employed. If becoming a medical assistant is something you want to do, take a moment to review some of the responsibilities of a medical assistant.

Why Online Learning May Not Always Work

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Online education has drastically changed the way students learn. Greater access, flexible scheduling, and the ability to learn from anywhere are very appealing features of learning online. However, for students who are pursuing a vocational trade like Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), an online school may not be the best solution.

5 Steps to Help You Keep from Falling Behind in School

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It happens to students every year. The school year starts off well; deadlines are easily met, projects are easily completed. And then suddenly… something changes. The work gets harder, you miss a couple of classes, and suddenly you’ve fallen behind. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, what are some ways to reclaim the school year?

What to Look for in Your Medical Assistant Career Training Program

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Earn your medical assistant diploma at UEI College. Here are some things you should make sure the training program has. Call to learn about our program.